ImpactQA is Carving out a Niche at GoodFirms Through Its Robust Software Testing Services

ImpactQA is Carving out a Niche at GoodFirms Through Its Robust Software Testing Services

Providing a full suite of manual and automated functional testing services performed throughout the Software Development Life Cycle endows ImpactQA amongst the top software testing companies in the USA.

Overview of the Company

ImpactQA is a preeminent QA Consultant and Software Testing company founded by Jyoti Prasad Bhatt in 2011. It is based in New York and has operations in New Delhi, Dallas, and London. The CEO always had an intense curiosity about technology that inspired him to begin his own company. Jyoti Prasad, along with other Innovators, from tiny to gargantuan, creates impeccable digital experiences by working together to attain a common goal. The team at ImpactQA holds a diverse client base of 250+ satisfied customers, ranging from nurturing startups to Fortune 500 companies. Having years of experience, the team has successfully developed the business across different testing domains, viz automation testing, performance testing, IoT testing, mobile app testing, cloud testing, security testing, Devops testing, and AI testing. Highly expert QA technicians using smart tools, global delivery methodology, and customer-centric approach is what makes ImpactQA the first preference of the clients.

GoodFirms’ Research Process:

GoodFirms is one of the pioneer research and review platforms that evaluate different B2B businesses for making the tasks of the service-seekers easy and effective. The evaluation process is based on significant criteria – Quality, Reliability, and Ability. Similarly, the GoodFirms team also evaluated ImpactQA and asserted it to be one of the top software testing, QA testing, and performance testing companies at GoodFirms.

The following is the evaluation report of the ImpactQA made by the GoodFirms team:

Proven Package of Testing Services for Delivering Flawless System Functionality:

At ImpactQA, the expert testers’ team, through the persuasive techniques and high-class tools, is pushing the conventional standard of quality assurance to produce an unmatched deliverable. The experts are always ready to do their best to make the product bug-free. Moreover, the experts try to brainstorm the technical solutions with the customer-oriented strategy, and with an excellent approach, help organizations in flourishing an ever-advancing market.

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Furthermore, the skilled and adept team has an extensive work background in end-to-end testing strategy and unbiased quality assurance testing services. The automation frameworks, techniques, requirements, tools, and accelerators support used by the professionals provide significant value to the clients’ business. Serving as an extendable to clients’ organization, the team offers knowledge, expertise, intelligence, market insights, and productivity to lower their quality costs and elevate the quality of IT solutions. Thus, providing high-quality and cost-effective onshore and offshore QA solutions endows ImpactQA amongst the top software testing companies in the USA at GoodFirms.

The below review and scorecard are proving the potential of the testers at ImpactQA:






Powerful and Pervasive Testing Ecosystem to Deliver the Best of QA:

ImpactQA helps the clients to focus on writing code and reduce development time by surfacing bugs and defects that no one could envision. The team performs end-to-end testing: functional, usability, security, database testing, cross-platform, cross-browser, accessibility, etc. Moreover, the testers try to give clients complete transparency for everything they do in the scope of their project. Seamlessly integrating with clients’ business and development processes, the QA’s at

ImpactQA ensures clients’ full access to the testing progress of their software. Besides this, the QA team also understands that it is highly important for clients to know how the team is progressing with the testing tasks and whether their progress aligns with clients’ business goals. The dedicated QA Experts employ top testing tools to provide penetration and vulnerability testing to the clients who seek to exclude vulnerabilities before the software is deployed or bought. The team always outlines the most essential QA KPIs and keeps clients’ informed about their status. Thus, with an advanced proven testing approach, the team at ImpactQA burgeons amongst the top QA testing companies at GoodFirms.

Ensuring High Responsiveness with Load Testing and Performance Testing Tool:

Performance testing is essential since it endorses the system’s intelligence to work efficiently under both high and normal load conditions. The team at ImpactQA is a leading performance testing company with robust professional valor and can ensure the smooth functioning of clients’ business. The goal of performance testing is not to detect bugs, but to reduce performance-related bottlenecks that can affect the usability of a software product. This testing method includes evaluating software applications to guarantee they will perform well under real-world circumstances.

The expert professionals test the scalability, endurance, and speed of clients’ software applications under a precise workload and assure high-quality performance. Apart from locating out how fast some perspectives of a system perform under workload, performance testing is also employed to confirm whether the developed system suffices the performance criterion. Thus, testing an application’s performance in terms of its ability to measure attributes with total accuracy facilitates ImpactQA as one of the top performance testing companies at GoodFirms.


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The below-displayed review is confirming the performance of the testers at ImpactQA.



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