Blockchain Testing Solutions for Avoiding Blockchain Application Failures

Focused end-to-end testing services for enhancing the quality of Blockchain-based applications to make them faster and secure.

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Blockchain Testing Services Focused at Validation Mechanisms for Business-Critical Applications

Organizations across the world are searching for a modern age secure platform that can store and maintain digital data to be easily spread across multiple providers. Blockchain technology is one such solution gaining global recognition.

ImpactQA makes sure your Blockchain application fulfills all validation operations keeping a good check on privacy and security issues. We deliver Blockchain application testing services by using non-functional & functional testing techniques along with focused methods involving security testing, performance testing, and accessibility testing.

25% Faster Time-to-Market

25% Faster

Our capability to test cryptographic data and provide ready-to-implement test automation framework helps improve time-to-market

20+ Certified Consultants

20+ Certified

Team of certified testers familiar with latest blockchain technology & innovations offering complete test coverage for both short and long-term projects

Realistic Application Delivery

Realistic Application

Keeping a check on blockchain app interactions with users, network, transactions, etc, to help deliver a realistic application

Multi-Sector Expertise


Provision for blockchain-enabled security and efficiency to benefit multi-sector apps used in retail, finance, healthcare, and more

Digital Assurance

Digital Assurance

Expertise in testing & digital assurance by making use of competitive and developing technologies to provide cost-effective blockchain testing solutions

Blockchain Architecture:
Major Components & Their Functioning


A transaction is requested


A block that represent the transaction is created


The block is sent to every node is the network


Nodes the validate transaction


Nodes receive a reward for the proof of work


The block is added to the existing blockchain


The transaction is complete

(consensus protocol)

A set of arrangements and rules to perform blockchain operations time-to-market


The smallest building block of a blockchain system (like information, records, etc.)


Particular nodes which perform the block verification process


A sequence of blocks in a particular order


A data structure used to keep a series of transactions which is distributed to all nodes in the network


Computer or a user within the blockchain architecture

Blockchain Testing Methodology

Analyse Project Requirements

Define project requirements for understanding the design structure of blockchain application and design full test strategies

Create Test Cases

Preparing certain test cases and blockchain-specific metrics for evaluating quality, scalability, and performance of blockchain app designs

Test Execution

Full test coverage focused at enterprise-level blockchain applications; this includes API testing, security testing, user-Interface testing, etc


Deliver seamless results comprising of project summary, security testing report and smart contract testing reports

Tool Expertise

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Critical Capabilities for Quality Assurance Services Worldwide

“We utilize ImpactQA services for our mobile application testing needs in order to help us improve app quality and scale the business. We lacked in-house expertise in mobile testing domain for Android and iOS and needed quick solutions for automating our app testing suite. Team is well equipped with the latest QA technologies and their engineers helped us in devising a test strategy. Their support was amazing during the implementation.”


Top Software Testing Company

“We choose ImpactQA for handling our performance and security testing services. Their team made sure there were no performance bottlenecks and security issues in our applications as we were moving them from DCs in Singapore over to the cloud. They were professional, robust and exceptionally good in delivering their testing services. We definitely will be looking to engage with the team.“

Blockchain Testing Services at ImpactQA

Block Testing

Block Testing

All the blocks available on the network are individually tested to ensure proper collaboration

Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Evaluate proper functioning for all use cases and components including size of block & chain as well as data transmission

API Testing

API Testing

Inspect the interaction of the software application with the overall blockchain ecosystem

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Highlight potential bottlenecks to assure scalability and readiness of the software application

Integration Testing

Integration Testing

Ensure different components seamlessly interact with each other to enhance consistency and accuracy in app performance

Security Testing

Security Testing

Safeguarding the blockchain application from cyber-attacks comprising of maliciousprograms and viruses

Chain Code Review

Chain Code Review

Blockchain code review is used to ensure the application is developed to quickly recognize vulnerabilities and “auto-defend” itself

Block & Chain Testing

Block & Chain Testing

Our team ensures the size of blocks and chains are as per the set technology standards and support seamless product launch

Data Transmission Testing

Data Transmission Testing

We supervise whether data transmission carried between one computer to another is quick and secure

Data Encryption and Decryption Testing

Data Encryption and Decryption Testing

For defining product reliability based on the quality of encryption, our experts ensure flawless data encryption without leaving any scope for disturbance

Our Excellence in Blockchain Testing

Smart Contract Testing

Smart Contract Testing

Smart contracts are an integral part of the blockchain validation method. This majorly includes the operation of simulating all possible unexpected and expected circumstances for all possible contracts. The testing process looks at business logic combinations and precise execution of all the transactions in the context of a dynamically changing and expanding network.

Peer / Node Testing

A node is basically any kind of device on the blockchain network with the ability to execute multiple tasks like send, receive, create, or store data. The purpose of Peer/Node testing is to maintain the integrity of the network and shared ledgers. This includes testing of the consensus protocol to resolve that all the transactions get stored in the proper series.

Peer/Node Testing

What Makes ImpactQA a Suitable Blockchain
Testing Partner?

Robust Testing Strategy

Implement full test strategy covering flexible operating models and automation frameworks to fulfill business requirements

Risk-Based Testing

Involvement of test engineers at every stage of testing, be it smart contract testing oressential QA support, to eliminate potential risks

Process-Driven Development

Deploy risk-based testing and shift-left approach combined with early test automation, security testing, performance testing, and service virtualization

Extensive Knowledge of Testing Tools

Professional testers have practical expertise in a wide range of tools & testing frameworks, covering Ethereum Tester, Ropsten, BitcoinJ, Kovan, Truffle, Embark, etc

Better Team Collaborations

Improved collaboration between QA, development, and operations teams for enhanced project visibility and faster delivery

Cloud-Based Testing Model

Next-gen service competency using agile software development supported by cloud-based support for testing operations

Compliance with Key Trends

Team of testing experts in sync with the latest trends concerned with the adoption of blockchain including AI, digital transformation, cyber-and-data security, and IoT

Blockchain Programming

Service capability to test software applications for different blockchain types like public blockchain, semi-private blockchain, private blockchain, and consortium blockchain

Leverage our blockchain security testing experts for all your blockchain application testing needs

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Case studies

Case Study

Read to know how ImpactQA helped a leading Enterprise human capital management software company reduce QA costs by 60%

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Awards & Recognitions

See our accomplishments as a global leader in software testing industry

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    • I have been working with ImpactQA for 2 years now as my key QA contractor. The three ImpactQA contractors that work with us have become integral members of our team. They have gone far beyond any QA contractors I have worked with before - they have helped refine our process, bring in new tools, and are always thinking critically and proactively how they can help my company succeed. All three are highly experienced (8+ years or more) and have excellent communication skills. They are also backed by an excellent organization, with hands-on executives who regularly check in to make sure we are happy; despite our small size (relative to some of their other clients), their CEO always visits us in person whenever he is in town. ImpactQA is truly a great vendor and partner.

      Shaun Stewart

    • ImpactQA delivers remote QA-Testing and is very engaged and analysis each software component in detail. The team is proactively communicating and documenting the work with detailed reports.

      Richard H

    • We have worked with ImpactQA over many years. They have always been professional, competent and responsive. It is a pleasure to do business with them. I am happy to recommend them to others.

      Richard Alberg

    • We chose ImpactQA for handling our performance and security testing services. Their team made sure there were no performance bottlenecks and security issues in our applications as we were moving them from DCs in Singapore over to the cloud. They were professional, robust and exceptionally good in delivering their testing services.

      Amandeep Singh Bawa

    • We have been working with ImpactQA for past more than 2 years. They have been providing us with good resources whose contribution has been very valuable. Overall we are satisfied with this engagement.

      Ashish Jain

    • Vitamojo has been working with ImpactQA for almost 1 year and it’s been a positive and productive partnership. ImpactQA is a great partner to work with

      Umesh Chandra

    • They have delivered way beyond than asked.

      Venkat Manda

    • We are very pleased with the work and professionalism from the beginning to the end. We have seen tremendous value with the outcome generated by the team with very limited supervision and bandwidth from our side. We definitely will be looking to engage with the team again in the future as we roll out new products and make huge enhancements to current products.

      Sudheer Bandaru

    • I was really pleased choosing ImpactQA for our Mobile and Web application testing including functional and automation testing. ImpactQA has a committed team of QA testers

      Vipin Gupta


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