ImpactQA & Its Technology Contribution to Fight COVID-19 Pandemic

ImpactQA & Its Technology Contribution to Fight COVID-19 Pandemic

The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 will soon be completing a year of its existence. Time has not been a healer and the situation has grown complex, especially in nations with greater population density. The fight with COVID-19 has transformed over the months. Technology has been the frontrunner in this fight, acting as one of the few better aspects during this pandemic.

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Technology and its Usefulness in Battling Coronavirus

Several tech giants have joined hands to launch voluntary smartphone apps that are capable of issuing alerts and giving detailed knowledge about infected locations. According to researchers and public health officials, these widely advertised initiatives towards privacy-friendly, smartphone apps have not actually impacted the virus or its spread. Even after Silicon Valley competitors Apple and Google have been slogging hard to make the technology work across a broad array of smartphones. Till date, this partnership has led to the launch of apps across 14 countries; results are bleak but the fire of hope prevails!

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”- Abraham Lincoln

ImpactQA, a popular name in the field of software testing has associated itself with technology aimed at combating the novel coronavirus. Apart from its contributions to test contact tracing mobile apps, this software testing genius has joined hands with a promising U.S-based initiative. The concept behind this program is the effective use of Bluetooth technology to transmit alert notifications to active app users. One of the major advantages of this technology is upgraded data privacy. To simplify, your information is never passed onto any central database controlled by the govt. authority or any private organization. ImpactQA has offered its help to carry out testing activities for this initiative; with a view to spotting potential system concerns.

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ImpactQA & Its Technology Contribution to Fight COVID-19 Pandemic

Fulfilling Automation Needs in Medical Sector

With its decade-old expertise in the field of software testing and QA consultancy, ImpactQA has built a reputation that connects to the global audience. Quite recently, the organization stepped up its service reach to lend a helping hand to one of the renowned names from the U.S medical fraternity. ImpactQA took charge of automation testing service requirements for the company that was handled under a definite time bracket. This was a conscious decision supported with a sense of responsibility to back the medical sector in this cruel and hectic phase.

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How does Test Automation Improve Healthcare Applications?

Over the years, the primary channels for app sales have turned flexible. This has led to serious opportunities for independent app development companies to showcase their efforts in a better way. According to the FDA, the approx. the number of medical app users around the world has increased; the count was recorded at 1.7 billion in 2018. With COVID-19 forcing a deeper stab into the hearts of the global population, the usefulness of medical apps for tracking and detecting health issues has become imperative. ImpactQA has been trying to act at an extensive scale and deliver its software testing skills to work on various medical devices put in place to fight COVID-19.

Futuristic Goals

The public health authorities at the worldwide level are currently struggling to build specific apps that can help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Contact tracing using Bluetooth and other modes need a better visionary approach from tech biggies like Apple. The role of software testing companies like ImpactQA would be valuable in improving software quality. In the near future, ImpactQA plans to take a bigger leap with its security and performance testing approach, thereby, benefitting COVID-centric apps. There are reports of active collaborations with medical app providers which might prove fruitful for the software testing company to battle the novel coronavirus.

We cannot run away from the current scenario and it is through better efforts we might abolish this virus scare. Until then, companies like ImpactQA need to come forward and pave a better path for technology to run its course.


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