ImpactQA Recognized as a Leader among Next-Gen Testing Firms by Software Testing News

ImpactQA Recognized as a Leader among Next-Gen Testing Firms by Software Testing News

ImpactQA, an acclaimed global software testing company delivering next-gen QA consulting services has topped the Leading Software Testing Providers list published by a renowned industry-specific British resource.

The Software Testing News has been consistent with the offering of focused insights from the field of software testing. At present, it attracts approx. 30000+ tech leaders ranging from small to well-established companies with the purpose of recognizing the most innovative and competitive testing leaders.


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How is ImpactQA Revolutionizing Software Testing Industry in this Modern Era


ImpactQA has been acknowledged as a front runner for vital growth by approximately 60% both in services and revenue delivery. This achievement is accredited to significant changes undertaken by the management team and the deployment of remote working processes to eliminate new business challenges that emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company has fine-tuned its services to ensure the fulfillment of today’s active market requirements and smartly resolve clients’ requirements related to speed, quality, & performance. Moreover, the software testing services model emphasizes Continuous Testing & Engineering, Quality Assurance & Management, and Cyber Security & Penetration Testing. ImpactQA has collaborations with well-known clients such as Schneider Electric Panasonic, Terex, Deloitte, and Delos, which have strengthened because of the organization’s aspiring outlook towards SAP automation, Agile DevOps, and swift iterative development methodologies.

The CEO of ImpactQA bestowed his viewpoint on this latest achievement:

“This is great news for us, and every member at ImpactQA deserves this honor. Our achievements this year when COVID has been affecting global businesses are worth the applause. It is all thanks to our professional testers who have adapted superbly to the latest technological implementations that have helped ensure quick software releases.”

ImpactQA with its growing presence has broadened its area of expertise to accommodate high-tech software testing practices. The current arsenal of testing services at the company is driven by the latest AI support, cloud testing capabilities, and application testing services. ImpactQA and its passion for service excellence have resulted in the completion of 900+ software testing projects during its 10+ years of existence.


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Apart from this recent recognition as a leading software testing company, ImpactQA has been frequently awarded for its performance excellence in the software testing domain. In 2020, the company was highlighted as an eminentsoftware testing services testing firm by popular market reviewers like Gartner, Clutch, GoodFirms, The Manifest, and Read Dive.

If you are in search of practical software testing assistance, feel free to book a consultation with ImpactQA.




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