How ImpactQA has Helped the Second Largest Food Chain Company in Automating Processes by 60%?

How ImpactQA has Helped the Second Largest Food Chain Company in Automating Processes by 60%?

According to a recent report, the food automation market is expected to reach $29.4 Billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 9.5% from 2020. Food companies have to scale up their operations to meet the demands that peak seasons bring. They do so by temporarily increasing their labour and supplies. Though this strategy is apt for small and medium-sized businesses, implementing it for multinational companies having multiple stores around the world is impossible.

With the advent of next-gen technology that enables automation, big companies can meet these demands easily. Automation technology not only reduces the errors that arise due to human involvement in certain aspects of the business but also helps the efficiency of the company’s manual labourers. But this technology requires testing to ensure that it functions properly. It has to be put through multiple tests to ensure that the end-user gets the best end product. Companies end up losing millions of dollars every year due to the improper functioning of their automation technology and mobile apps. A leading, independent software testing company can protect you against these losses.

A proper automation and mobile app testing company not only ensures that you don’t end up making massive losses; they also create frameworks that allow you to improve the efficiency of your company. Let’s look at some of the other benefits that a QA testing company can provide to a food and beverage company.


Benefits of Test Automation in the Food & Beverages Industry

The food and beverages industry has implemented automation in its processes to achieve high productivity around the globe. Test automation has thus become necessary to ensure that the company has a framework that works all the time. Listed below are some of the benefits of test automation in the food industry:

  • Test automation improves consistency, thus making it easier to comply with government regulations. This consistency eliminates the fines that companies incur for non-compliance yearly
  • Streamlines the business. This streamlining of business activities allows the food and beverages company to be more productive and efficient, thus increasing the profits
  • Automated testing allows organizations to be flexible. This flexibility allows them to quickly adapt to the changes and demands of the market


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Test automation has allowed food and beverage companies to create frameworks that facilitate seamless business operations. Market demands change repeatedly; test automation allows companies to meet these demands without any hassle.


What is OMS? How have Food & Beverage Companies Utilized it?

Food and beverage companies have started using the order management system (OMS). OMS automates the entire order management process, keeping tabs on the entire organization’s business processes without any human involvement. An OMS also helps you keep track of your KPIs by delivering detailed reports and insights. These valuable insights enable a company to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the food and beverage company.


Advantages of the OMS Test Framework

  • Gets rid of human errors that arise during the creation and execution of test scenarios
  • Expediates time-to-market for updates and new products
  • Improves customer experience by fulfilling orders promptly
  • Reduces time, resources, and costs
  • Enables faster adaption to change in demands and conditions

But the OMS is known to develop issues and bottlenecks as they’re not properly tested, these problems might even arise after a new update of your OMS software.

To resolve these issues, an organization should acquire the software testing services of a test automation company.

In this blog post, we will showcase how ImpactQA resolved the problems of the world’s second-largest restaurant chain headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, that specializes in fried chicken. With 24,000+ locations globally in 150 countries as of December 2019.

The business faced many challenges to create a fully automated pipeline. ImpactQA’s dedicated QA team performed a thorough inspection to understand all the core problems that the enterprise was facing and accordingly came up with a strategy that solved all these problems.

First, Let’s go through all the challenges that the business was facing.

Business Challenges

  • The client needed an intelligent automation solution for setting up the QA process using Agile methodologies for their pre-developed Key Application and OMS
  • The client’s business environment had an over-the-air frequent change in functionality additions and OMS requirements without any QA expertise
  • The client’s platforms (Mobile App & OMS) lacked critical technical requirements & product specification documentation
  • The requirement for setting up the Quality Assurance Process to address post-delivery production defects, affecting the user experience
  • Lack of effective communication process between teams and management

The client already had a predeveloped OMS and core application but it lacked QA expertise. This lack of expertise was hampering the day-to-day operations, which was leading to a reduction in the revenue of the company.


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They approached ImpactQA, an independent QA and software testing company, for a solution to this issue. Our team understood the issue at hand and provided the company with a dynamic automation framework that fulfilled all its requirements. The ability to test the app and OMS across a combination of devices and networks, along with the third-party integration made us an ideal partner for long-term engagement. As ImpactQA tailored automation solution and mobile application testing services delivered a secured and smooth OMS & Mobile Application imparting high user experience, leading to a multi-year QA engagement.

Let us now understand how ImpactQA tackled all the problems that the company was facing using its cutting-edge tools and knowledge.


ImpactQA’s Solution

  • ImpactQA initiated and set up an intelligent QA process leveraging Agile addressing clients’ business requirements and rationale
  • Diligent Functional and Test automation followed for Mobile App and OMS, ensuring improved operations & productivity with consistently-tested and enhanced quality SAP releases in the future
  • ImpactQA implemented usability testing to encounter real user problems and experience confusion, discovering all vulnerabilities in the target web and application servers
  • End-to-end testing function operating through Crowd Testing, helping in vulnerabilities in regards to a threat to product quality
  • Building up effective cross-team communication process and channels for collaboration with the development team for quick closure of the defects leading to high-quality releases with reduced time to market
  • Provided futuristic QA and automation roadmap for deployment plans and features add-on through QA consulting services, helping them in standardizing the QA/testing process at the organization level

Let’s Look at the Improvements that the Company was Able to Make After Acquiring the Services of ImpactQA:

  • The improvement in communication enhanced the company’s time-to-market by 80%
  • 100% Payment Integration API
  • 100% Test Coverage Achieved
  • ImpactQA was able to resolve 70% of the vulnerabilities in the system

But the scope of ImpactQA’s test automation services for an OMS is not limited to the aforementioned solution. Automation testing also allows you to automate many processes such as order flow across various statuses, shipment charges, tax calculation, discount, promotional charges, and many more.

Test automation also allows you to automate many processes such as order flow across various statuses, shipment charges, tax calculation, discount, promotional charges, and many more. Go through our client testimonials to understand how our services have helped several companies in different domains to achieve test automation.

ImpactQA’s test automation can improve the productivity of an OMS by streamlining the below-mentioned tasks:

  • Order flow across different status
  • Holds resolution
  • Credit card authorization
  • Fraud checking validation
  • Sourcing and scheduling
  • Release
  • Ship confirmation, ship cancellation, status tracking
  • Settlement and invoicing
  • Data purge
  • Order load
  • Inventory load, ATP, and sync
  • Item load and sync
  • Customer data management
  • Alerts, emails, and exceptions


To Conclude

Complying with regulatory bodies in the food industry requires you to deliver consistency in your product. Every product must maintain a certain standard.

Food and beverage companies can keep up with the changes in regulations easily with the help of test automation.

ImpactQA gauged the depth of problems that the world’s second-largest food and beverages company was facing with our QA expertise. This expertise allowed ImpactQA to act swiftly in alleviating the pain points of our clients, helping them in automating their process by 60%. Our test automation services obliterate errors and time-wastage, improves productivity and efficiency, and boost profits. Test Automation allows food and beverage companies to cut costs and channelize them into other aspects of their business such as R&D.

ImpactQA has helped several companies from different domains with our wide array of services. Go through our case studies to learn how we deliver excellence to our clients.


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