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The Dedicated QA Team model from ImpactQA is used for mid- and long-term business initiatives and promises QA management abilities, prompt team assignment, and time zone alignment

What is the Need for a Dedicated QA Team?

Before moving forward with the dedicated team model (DTM), you should examine a few possibilities. Here are the top five reasons why you require a specialized QA team.

Need to cut down QA costs

Need to cut down QA costs

Keep up with changing project requirements

Keep up with changing project requirements

Less time to train or manage the in-house QA team

Less time to train or manage the in-house QA team

Manage projects with high scalability potential

Manage projects with high scalability potential

Develop long-lasting business relationships with the QA vendor

Develop long-lasting business relationships with the QA vendor

Dedicated Team Model in Quality Assurance

The Dedicated Team Model (DTM) is one of the most widespread business models, used by half of all startups and Fortune 500 corporations. Clients that choose the dedicated QA team model typically wants more than simply extra remote independent testing and QA outsourcing services. The requirement is for QA specialists with advanced technical understanding and the will to commit their time to the allocated QA assignment.

Dedicated Team Model
  • Transparent Team Control
  • Free Team Management
  • Experts Dedicated to Your Projects
  • Ability to Increase the Team on Request
  • Industry Experts Available for Consulting 24/7
  • QA Experts with the Exact Technical Knowledge You Require
  • Frequent and Relevant Communication

Expertise in Dedicated QA Team Model

ImpactQA has a well-defined methodology for establishing specialized QA teams that take into account the client’s objectives and expectations. The aim is to constantly strengthen QA expertise and leverage next-generation technology to take QA processes to the next level of work quality.

Structured QA

Flexible staffing solutions to help define a structured QA process while recognizing critical points and business requirements

Proficiency in Testing

A dedicated QA team comprising of seasoned professionals who have a track record of expertise in testing tools, methodologies and approaches

Bug-Free End-to-End

Accurate reviewing of the websites from the end-user’s perspective, thereby, testing all the functional as well as non-functional aspects

Same Time Zone

Provide full commitment to the client’s project needs while making the adjustment to your time zone

Rapid Onboarding of

Leverage the opportunity to interview all the professionals and screen QA experts specific to the client’s needs


Comprehensive report and smooth cooperation give full access to your QA team without wasting time on micro-management

Connect With Our Experts To Hire A Dedicated QA Team For Delivering Faster, Quicker & Smarter Testing Results

Why to Trust ImpactQA's Dedicated QA Team?

Team Augmentation

Quick set-up of QA teams with expertise relevant to the clien’t business requirements. The dedicated QA team model provides full transparency of your team’s project, bottlenecks and client goals.

QA Consulting & Outsourcing

ImpactQA’s QA consulting services provide remote staffing solutions to assist you save time in the recruiting process and supply you with the top QA specialists at a competitive level.

Improved Quality

We quickly adapt our QA procedures and methodologies to fit your requirements, approach and processes.

Manual Audit & Testing

A small bug can make the user lose interest. The dedicated QA experts manually automate and audit each test to ensure end-to-end bug-free delivery.

Client Centric Approach

Fix client-centric strategy to assign the right personnel to the right jobs, assuring bug-free delivery on schedule.

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