API Testing to Ensure Stable Software Applications

We provide API testing services that ensure bug-free APIs and how they seamlessly permit the integration of the software application with other services. ImpactQA is dedicated to strengthen your software’s core functions without failing to focus on both technical- and business-related risks

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Our Clients

Validate Your Business Apps Across All Layers by Our Comprehensive API Testing Services

Comprehensive API Testing Services to Validate Business Apps

As a globally recognized API testing company, ImpactQA is dedicated to offer comprehensive testing solutions covering both functional and non-functional requirements. Our aim is to support organizations by stressing on crucial API validations to maximize test coverage and enhance performance features without much complexity.

25% Minimized Test Spend

25% Minimized
Test Spend

API testing takes significantly less time than functional testing and can reduce project budgets by 15%-25%

Faster Testing Delivery

Faster Testing

API test automation assures the presence of reusable assets that maintain faster test execution & reduction in overall costs

Proficiency in API Protocols

Proficiency in API Protocols

Our team of API testing professionals possesses practical expertise in a wide range of API protocols including SOAP, REST, XML, JSON, RSS, etc.

Upgraded Next-Gen Systems

Next-Gen Systems

Revamp your legacy systems of networked APIs to improve performance and reduce possible errors

Quick Vulnerability Scanning

Quick Vulnerability Scanning

Early identification of API connection issues, false errors and security discrepancies

API Testing Methodology

We folllow a multi-phased testing approach when it comes to API testing. The purpose is to permit short-term processes where the test strategy and execution are recognized, thereby, letting the client get fully involved for keeping the testing scalable and transparent.

Test Plan & Strategy

Test Plan
& Strategy

Creating a fixed strategy focused at client’s needs covering individual API testing, full regression testing and recommendations for the most suitable test environment configuration

Fully Operative Test Suites

Fully Operative
Test Suites

Selection of fully functional test suites giving preference to client requriements and comprehensive documentation

Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause

Precisely highlighting the associated trends and potential vulnerability causes with a quick response on correction recommendations

Test Script Compatibility

Test Script

Ensure compatibility for the newly introduced test script with the already existing script framework

Test Execution


This stage covers API Script Review followed by selection of API test tools, test frameworks, and integration with CI tools

API Automation Testing Tools

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Critical Capabilities for Quality Assurance Services Worldwide

“We utilize ImpactQA services for our mobile application testing needs in order to help us improve app quality and scale the business. We lacked in-house expertise in mobile testing domain for Android and iOS and needed quick solutions for automating our app testing suite. Team is well equipped with the latest QA technologies and their engineers helped us in devising a test strategy. Their support was amazing during the implementation.”


Top Software Testing Company

“We chose ImpactQA for handling our performance and security testing services. Their team made sure there were no performance bottlenecks and security issues in our applications as we were moving them from DCs in Singapore over to the cloud. They were professional, robust and exceptionally good in delivering their testing services. We definitely will be looking to engage with the team.“

API Testing Services at ImpactQA

API Functional Testing

API Functional Testing

Assessment of definite functions within the codebase to ensure the API works as per specific parameters

API Automation Testing

API Automation Testing

Creation of programs and scripts to test APIs on a regular basis for saving time and deliver quick results

API Load Testing

API Load Testing

Run functional and load tests to analyze the API output and assess system performance under definite conditions

API Integration Testing

API Integration Testing

Verify whether or not the concerned APIs fulfill expectations based on reliability, performance, and functionality

API Security Testing

API Security Testing

Validate if the API accomplishes security needs like authentication, data encryption and essential access controls

API Regression Testing

API Regression Testing

Thorough assessment to check how the API functions after the addition of new features and prominent bug fixes

Negative Testing

Negative Testing

Type of API testing carried out to analyze the possibility of incorrect inputs as provided by the users

Reliability Testing

Reliability Testing

Reliability testing is conducted to check if the target API can provide precise and consistent results without any significant complexities

Our Excellence in API Testing

REST API Testing

REST API Testing

REST API Testing is defined as an open-source, web automation testing process which is performed to test RESTful APIs associated with web applications

SOAP API Testing

Open-source, web service testing for SOAP-based APIs that covers web service inspection, simulation, development, functional testing, and compliance testing

SOAP API Testing

Dedicated API Capability

Top-class experience with APIs around service/modular testing as well as across agile or waterfall lifecycle models to provide best results

Dedicated API Capability

What Makes ImpactQA a Leading API Testing Company?

Improved API Quality

Smartly mitigate business risks linked tospecific software components which can prove advantages in delivering better software quality

Certified QA Engineers

Qualified dedicated QA professionals holding better knowledge in latest API testing software and innovations, together with expertise in mobile, desktop and web API testing

Flexible API Testing Framework

Fully-loaded API testing framework capable of integrating with continuous delivery pipeline for improving software releases


Collaboration with a large pool of commercial and open-source API testing tools including Katalon Studio, SoapUI, JMeter, Postman, Karate, Apigee

Language-Free Testing

Data transfer during API testing is completely independent of language, thereby, helping testers select any language during automated API testing processes

Quick Debugging

Run automated tests across a continuous pipeline to deliver faster feedback and lessening debugging time

Comprehensive API Reporting

Complete documentation covering previous test executions, source code and other specifics related to environment configurations

Improve Your App Functionality and Align your Business Needs with Our API Testing Services

improve testing

Top 6 Challenges of API Testing

Since API testing is a major part of the integrations testing process, it becomes critically significant for testers

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Case studies

Case Studies

ImpactQA delivered Functional QA solutions targeted towards achieving high software excellence for a leading enterprise human capital management company in US

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Awards & Recognitions

See our accomplishments as a global leader in software testing industry

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    • I have been working with ImpactQA for 2 years now as my key QA contractor. The three ImpactQA contractors that work with us have become integral members of our team. They have gone far beyond any QA contractors I have worked with before - they have helped refine our process, bring in new tools, and are always thinking critically and proactively how they can help my company succeed. All three are highly experienced (8+ years or more) and have excellent communication skills. They are also backed by an excellent organization, with hands-on executives who regularly check in to make sure we are happy; despite our small size (relative to some of their other clients), their CEO always visits us in person whenever he is in town. ImpactQA is truly a great vendor and partner.

      Shaun Stewart

    • ImpactQA delivers remote QA-Testing and is very engaged and analysis each software component in detail. The team is proactively communicating and documenting the work with detailed reports.

      Richard H

    • We have worked with ImpactQA over many years. They have always been professional, competent and responsive. It is a pleasure to do business with them. I am happy to recommend them to others.

      Richard Alberg

    • We chose ImpactQA for handling our performance and security testing services. Their team made sure there were no performance bottlenecks and security issues in our applications as we were moving them from DCs in Singapore over to the cloud. They were professional, robust and exceptionally good in delivering their testing services.

      Amandeep Singh Bawa

    • We have been working with ImpactQA for past more than 2 years. They have been providing us with good resources whose contribution has been very valuable. Overall we are satisfied with this engagement.

      Ashish Jain

    • Vitamojo has been working with ImpactQA for almost 1 year and it’s been a positive and productive partnership. ImpactQA is a great partner to work with

      Umesh Chandra

    • They have delivered way beyond than asked.

      Venkat Manda

    • We are very pleased with the work and professionalism from the beginning to the end. We have seen tremendous value with the outcome generated by the team with very limited supervision and bandwidth from our side. We definitely will be looking to engage with the team again in the future as we roll out new products and make huge enhancements to current products.

      Sudheer Bandaru

    • I was really pleased choosing ImpactQA for our Mobile and Web application testing including functional and automation testing. ImpactQA has a committed team of QA testers

      Vipin Gupta


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