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Introducing the Future of SAP Testing : NeX-AI

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NeX-AI : A GEN-AI S/4HANA Test Assistant

The Opportunity

Complexity in SAP Environments:

  • SAP systems are intricate, requiring meticulous management of test cases, data, and workflows.
  • Manual processes are time consuming, error-prone, and inefficient
Need for Automation:
  • Automating test case generation, retrieval, and management can significantly improve efficiency
  • Enhanced visibility into workflows and technical flows is crucial for optimizing testing strategies

The Solution

Test Case Creation: Automates the generation of test cases based on system specifications and user requirements.

Test Case Retrieval: Efficient management and retrieval of test cases to streamline test cycle preparation and execution.

Workflow Visualization: Detailed views of testing workflows for better oversight and management.

Test Data Management: Comprehensive tools to view, analyze, and manage test data associated with each test case.

Technical Flow Analysis: Facilitates a deep understanding of technical processes to optimize testing strategies and diagnose system issues.

The Value

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Enhanced Visibility
  • Data Integrity and Accessibility
  • Strategic Optimization

NeX-AI Modules

  • SAP AI Assistant Test Accelerator with SAP transaction codes and the basic modules: SD, MM, PP, PM, and FI
  • SAP AI Assistant IS-Oil Downstream Test Cases:
  • SAP AI Assistant IS-Oil Upstream:
NeX-AI Modules

NeX-AI: A Multi-Persona Platform

QA Team

  • How do I create a ticket for a nomination item using test data?
  • Where can I find historical test case data and results?
  • Can you provide a few unused trades to create a nomination?

Business User

  • Where can I find UAT scenarios?
  • Where can I find detailed workflow visualizations for my test cases?
  • How do I retrieve test data for specific scenarios?
  • Can I analyze the technical flow of a failed test case?

Product Owners

  • How can I ensure compliance with SAP testing standards?
  • What are the expected outcomes for specific test cases?
  • What are the Sprint-4 test cases?
  • What is the impact of a failed test case related to material?

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