E-learning Testing

Increase the Quality and Predictability of E-learning Applications

We have expertise in providing testing solutions to e-learning apps, AI based education apps, AR/VR based education apps, and Machine learning based educational apps

Learn how we can transform your E-Learning business

Retail and E-commerce Testing

Testing Services for Retail & E-commerce Sector

Being a top software testing company in New York, we offer solutions for various retail and E-commerce businesses that help them improve their internal processes. Get free consultation for Retail and E-commerce testing services

Learn how we can transform your Retail and E-commerce business

Healthcare Testing

Increase the Quality and Effectiveness of Healthcare Applications

We enable cost effective testing solutions to the healthcare industry. With our healthcare testing services, you can keep your HIPAA compliant software, and EHR and EMR based healthcare apps secured.

Learn how we can transform your Healthcare business

BFSI Testing

Managed QA & Testing Services for BFSI

We provide BFSI testing services for banking operation apps, risk management apps, AI based customer engagement apps, enterprise finance apps and asset management software apps.

Learn how we can transform your BFSI business

Airline Testing

Managed Airlines Testing Services

Our best-in-class software testing company acknowledges the growing demands of customers in the airline industry. Leverage our QA expertise for Airline testing services

Learn how we can transform your Airline business

Media and Telecom Testing

Ensure Testing Services for Media & Telecom industry

As media & telecom industry is becoming more and more accessible, apps are increasingly on demand. We ensure the security of media & telecom industry with our testing services.

Learn how we can transform your Media and Telecom business


Accelerate Testing Services for Logistic Industry

We provide enhanced solutions to meet the complicated needs of logistics & transportation industry

Learn how we can transform your Logistics business

Health and Wellness

Software Quality Assurance can help Wellness Apps to be a Great Success

We offer bespoke testing services for health, wellness and lifestyle. Our QA services are replete with new technologies to provide superior quality services and customer offerings

Learn how we can transform your Health and Wellness business

Real Estate

Keep your Data Secured in the Hi-tech World of Real Estate

We are testament of providing Testing services to real estate industry

Collaborate, adopt, test, drive innovations and provide retail products/services to customers

Learn how we can transform your Real Estate business


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