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Faster Fixes for Mobile Apps Using Next-Gen Testing

ImpactQA is the go-to mobile application testing services partner that assures 100% physical device coverage. We provide functional and non-functional testing for all web, native, and hybrid mobile applications. The presence of an optimized mobile test automation methodology proves effective in quick software delivery for global clients, including SMEs and Fortune 500 companies.

30% Reduced QA Cost

30% Reduced
QA Cost

In-House Testing Labs ( US & India )

In-House Testing
Labs ( US & India )

120 +Devices and Platform Coverage

120 +Devices and
Platform Coverage

Continuous Integration & Deployment

Continuous Integration & Deployment

Onshore, Nearshore, & Offshore QA Teams

Onshore, Nearshore,
& Offshore QA Teams

Mobile Test Automation Framework

ImpactQA has acquired global recognition as a superior mobile application testing company with its Industry-specific mobile OS expertise. Our mobile test automation framework readily integrates different CI tools for managing end-to-end testing.

The primary features & benefits of our current mobile application testing framework are mentioned below.

Pre-built support

Pre-built support to allow the functionalities of continuous integration platforms

Deployment of tool

Deployment of tool agnostic automation framework

Application tuning

Application tuning at peak loads to verify reliability factor

Test native

Test native & hybrid mobile apps using Appium mobile testing framework

User Acceptance Testing

Conduct User Acceptance Testing(UAT) to analyze product requirements

Perform parallel tests

Perform parallel tests o multiple devices, OS and cross-browsers

Availability of custom reporting

Availability of custom reporting with business-centric error reporting

End-to-End Mobile Application Testing Services

Mobile App Functional Testing

Mobile App Functional Testing

Verification of mobile app features and functionalities as per the design arrangement to exhibit better product quality.

Mobile App Performance Testing

Mobile App Performance Testing

Create and run load tests for determining responsiveness, scalability, readiness and operating capacity of the mobile application.

Mobile App Automation Testing

Mobile App Automation Testing

Implementation of automated approach to reduce testing time and further ensure faster time-to-market.

Mobile App API <br>Testing

Mobile App API

Active assessment of application programming interfaces (APIs) merged with integration testing to see how the mobile app fulfills expectations.

Mobile App Usability Testing

Mobile App Usability Testing

Team of testing experts ensure user-friendly UI surrounding key app functions for a smooth user experience.

Mobile App Compatibility Testing

Mobile App Compatibility Testing

Conduct comprehensive testing covering different platforms, screen resolutions, form factors, etc.

Mobile App Security Testing

Mobile App Security Testing

Authenticate storage issues data integrity and server side security, together with active identification of security loopholes.

Mobile App Network Testing

Mobile App Network Testing

Carrying out tests in a simulated manner to see how the app would respond in different network environments such as 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.

What We Test?


Native apps


Hybrid apps

Mobile Web

Mobile web apps

IoT apps

IoT apps

Augmented reality apps

Augmented reality apps

Mobile App Testing CoE

At ImpactQA, our Mobile Testing Center of Excellence (CoE) is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of quality and performance for all mobile applications. Our team of experienced mobile testing professionals is well-versed in the latest testing methodologies and technologies and specializes in developing and implementing robust testing strategies tailored to your organization’s unique

  • Enterprise Test Acceleration Suite – For accelerating testing time by executing test cases in parallel
  • Cloud Enabled Mobile Testing Lab – Helps to carry out testing on a wide range of real devices
  • Beta Testing Partnership with Apple & Android – Allows us to perform beta testing on a wide range of devices
  • Mobile App Testing Mind Maps – Enables us to create a comprehensive test plan

Our Mobile Test Automation Framework

ImpactQA has acquired global recognition as a superior mobile application testing company with its industry-specific app testing solutions. To quickly test Android and iOS applications, our proprietary mobile test automation framework easily integrates with various open-source and paid testing tools (Appium, Perfecto, AWS Device Farm, LambdaTest, and Robotium).


Service Excellence with Customized Testing Solutions

iOS & Android Application Testing

iOS & Android Application Testing Services

App testing company with high-end expertise in Android & iOS test automation to determine steady app functionality. Each of your mobile apps would be tested over real Android & iOS devices together with development servers for better scalability.

Web Application Testing Services

Examining the mobile web apps on a variety of devices, browsers, operating systems, and network settings. This includes testing UI/UX elements and other functionality in order to ensure that the software is of
higher quality.

Web Application Testing Services

Wearables Application Testing

For modern-age wearable devices we offer testing expertise for distinguishing features, secure operations, reliability and flawless coexistence with different computing technologies. Our experts conduct testing to determine various aspects including wearable design, security, performance, accessibility, and security.

Wearables Application Testing

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Your Trusted Mobile App Testing Partner

Multi-Industry Domain Expertise

High-end proficiency in multiple industry domains with swift identification of industry-specific downsides and bottlenecks related to the mobile app.

Enhanced Mobile App Quality

We follow a comprehensive testing process together with industry best practices to ensure your mobile apps fulfil business needs and offer a positive user experience.

Testing Capability for Diverse Mobile Apps

We exhibit service excellence by testing a wide array of mobile apps, including social media apps, on-demand service apps, e-commerce apps, Fintech apps, health & fitness apps, and more.

Cloud-based Testing

Our testing team is capable of working with the use of cloud-based mobile environments to examine various software-related aspects to meet project requirements.

Managed Crowd Testing

We carefully test the mobile application under different realistic platforms and actual users to assess its performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Multi-Functional App Testing

At ImpactQA, we conduct continuous testing for multi-functional mobile apps to ensure the software product doesn’t crash after any fix or upgrade.


ImpactQA made sure that our mobile and web applications performed better. The testing team ensured there was no lag by considering the volume of data and how frequently updates were made. During our engagement, I have always received timely updates from the ImpactQA team, keeping the process streamlined. I can surely count on them as a trusted QA & testing partner.

Senior QA Manager

Leading Middle Eastern Cinema Chain

I was really pleased choosing ImpactQA for our Mobile and Web application testing including functional and automation testing. ImpactQA has a committed team of QA testers. They are quite professional in their work. We had a large project which they delivered as promised. Everyone from front-end, back-end, and QA did a good job taking our project to the finish line. The team’s capability to cater minute technicalities is highly commendable.

Vipin Gupta

Head of IT and Digital Brands - KFC (YUM! BRANDS)

We have been working with ImpactQA for past more than 2 years. They have been providing us with good resources whose contribution has been very valuable. Overall we are satisfied with this engagement.

Ashish Jain

Director Quality Assurance

Our Clients


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