Profit-Driven Trading Strategies with Our ETRM and CTRM Solutions

An effective energy and commodity trading and risk management (ETRM/CTRM) solution enhances market visibility, financial and physical position tracking, and risk management. By identifying and stress testing favorable strategies and executing them on a unified platform, businesses can optimize trading decisions, maximize profits, and mitigate risks.

ImpactQA is the leading implementation expert in the ETRM/CTRM ecosystem, dedicated to helping clients achieve maximum value from trading and risk systems. Our commitment to delivering the right solution ensures success. Our experts comprise a core team of seasoned commodity trading system architects and career-long implementation professionals. We possess the knowledge and expertise to tackle significant challenges, with a proven track record of executing projects on time and within budget.

System Implementations and Upgrades

  • Adhering to a proven implementation methodology - agile, waterfall, or hybrid

  • Mitigating business risk through thorough testing, from unit tests to UAT

  • Training your IT team on the new technology and supporting platforms

  • Integrating and automating CTRM systems with enhanced reporting & analytics, and targeted industry solutions

  • Supporting the business until users are comfortable with the new integrated solution

Process Design and Optimization

  • Understanding your business model, asset base, and culture for process design

  • Using industry-specific process maps to document current and future states

  • Leveraging the expertise of traders, schedulers, risk managers, and accountants

  • Identifying opportunities to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and increase automation

  • Drawing on experience with energy market participants to author risk policies, book structures, and transfer prices

  • Considering regulatory and compliance requirements

ETRM Support and Business Process Outsourcing

  • Helping clients transition from implementation project, through hypercare, to steady state

  • Providing production support for the ETRM solution set with committed quality and service levels

  • Extending the value of your investment with new features and functions

  • Incorporating the latest vendor patches, features, and functions

  • Training users to address recurring issues and gaps for continuous improvement

  • Performing recurring operational tasks: month-end close, daily reporting, data administration, and transaction processing

CTRM Integration, Automation, and Customization

  • Providing standardized and vendor approved interfaces for price feeds, forecasts, nominations, tickets, inventory, invoices, and more

  • Developing custom solutions for cash and liquidity forecasting, working capital management, and inventory valuation

  • Tailoring systems to meet renewable fuels requirements and comply with RFS, LCFS, CFR, and other emerging federal, state, and provincial regulations

  • Utilizing technologies like Azure, Power BI, Tableau, and Alteryx for added value

  • Advising on when customization or a purpose-built industry solution is appropriate

Drive Business Growth with Flexible CTRM and ETRM Solutions


Leveraging robust integration capabilities to optimize commodity trading and risk management workflows.


Customizable and industry-leading CTRM solution tailored for utilities and energy firms.


A comprehensive, multi-commodity CTRM for industry leaders operating at scale.


Empowering liquid hydrocarbon companies with robust scheduling and logistics capabilities.

Our Holistic Openlink Endur Solutions


SAP CTRM Implementation and Testing by ImpactQA

  • Developing comprehensive, realistic plans with transparent status updates

  • Collaborating effectively with software vendors and ecosystem partners

  • Implementing proven methodologies like agile, waterfall, or hybrid approaches

  • Mitigating business risks through carefully scoped testing, from unit tests to UAT

  • Training IT teams on new technologies and supporting platforms

  • Ensuring user readiness for streamlined processes, refined responsibilities, enhanced controls, and clarified roles

  • Conducting upfront assessments to clarify the scope and provide accurate estimates

  • Creating detailed migration plans

  • Ensuring user readiness for streamlined processes, refined responsibilities, enhanced controls, and clarified roles

  • Integrating tightly with CTRM systems through CTRM Test Automation, enhanced reporting, analytics, and industry-specific solutions

  • Supporting businesses with the new integrated solution until they are confident and comfortable

  • Guiding clients from implementation projects through hypercare to steady-state operations

  • Providing production support with committed quality and service levels for ETRM solutions

  • Enhancing investment value with new features and functions to meet evolving business needs

  • Incorporating the latest vendor patches, features, and functions

  • Improving execution through user training and addressing recurring issues

  • Handling operational tasks like month-end close, daily reporting, master data administration, and transaction processing

Leading Solutions in Liquids Hydrocarbon with RightAngle Expertise

RightAngle Implementation, Upgrade, and Support

  • Mitigates implementation risks and enhances solution quality with pre-built RightAngle tools for data integration, analytics, and automation on Microsoft Azure

  • Covers complete crude, NGL, and refined products marketing and accounting processes including analysis, deal capture, scheduling, inventory management, ticketing, settlement, credit and market risk management, and financial reporting

Renewable Commodities Advisory

  • Expertise in renewable components including RINs, LCFS Credits, Fuel Pathway Code Tracking, CIs, and RECs for Ethanol, Renewable Diesel, Biofuels, and SAF

  • Supports critical process definition and precise compliance monitoring for US RFS, Canadian CFR, and various US LCFS

  • Sets up trading and risk management for RINs, carbon offsets, and RECs, offering comprehensive insights into renewable and traditional commodity trading

Value-Added Services

  • Useful tools that address gaps in the RightAngle software, including automated AP Matching and 24x7 system and process monitoring

  • Enhanced insights through customized BI/Analytics Reporting

  • RightAngle-specific data integration tool into and out of RightAngle for orders/nominations, tickets/BOL’s, inventory levels, market prices, and automated AP matching

Optimizing Flexible Natural Gas and Power Trading with Allegro Expertise

Allegro Implementation

  • Allegro-certified consultants specializing in complex implementations and customizations

  • Tailored approach leveraging native Allegro functionality to maximize system value

  • Logical application of data management, integrations, extensions, user security, and ETL processes

  • Effective project management track record, supporting project planning, stakeholder engagement, testing, and training

Natural Gas & Power Business

  • Address customer challenges holistically, considering upstream dependencies and downstream effects in the business model

  • Develop business-centric models to effectively translate requirements and advocate for customers with software vendors

  • Expertise in operations, contract administration, trading, risk management, transportation, gas balancing, invoice and settlement, financial and management reporting

Value-Added Services

  • Extend Allegro’s scheduling functionality via EDI nomination, scheduled quantity, and tariff automation with NatGasHub’s integrated services

  • Enhance insights with tailored reporting: PnL Attribution, Transport Optimization, RECs, Carbon Credits Tracking, and Counterparty Credit Exposure

  • Accelerate integrations with ICE and treasury systems using accelerator tools

  • Implement Change Management for successful user adoption


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