Load and Performance Testing Services Ensuring Application Scalability

End-to-end performance & load testing expertise for a wide range of software applications including web, mobile, client-server, and cloud databases

Performance Testing Services Ensuring High Responsiveness of Software Application

ImpactQA with its adept team of certified QA performance testing experts carries out comprehensive investigation for delivering practical recommendations related to performance improvements. Our competence as a performance testing company can be reviewed through high-end knowledge we possess associated to open-source/commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) tools and various application technologies. Each of our global clients take advantage of our improvised cost model which is helpful for them when it comes to assessing the performance of web, mobile, client-server, and cloud-based applications.

40% Reduced QA Costs

40% Reduced
QA Costs

Automated performance testing merged with efficient IT systems for quick execution of test cases and reduced operational costs

Quick Turnaround Time

Quick Turnaround

A minimum of 7 days to review project needs and bring it aboard in a seamless manner

Global Delivery Model

Global Delivery

On-shore, off-shore, near-shore and remote service approach to cater to global clients

Optimized Customer Services

Optimized Customer Services

Lesser transaction time followed by reduced freezes and failures to provide better customer engagement

Zero Defect Leakage

Zero Defect

Deployment of unit testing automation for nullifying the count of defects found during the SDLC

Performance Testing Methodology

At ImpactQA, performance testing for software applications and systems is conducted to highlight specific requirements and compliance issues. It is our responsibility to ensure your software product delivers seamless functionality under significant workload to be available for real-life operations.

Performance Testing Methodology
  • Software analysis & essential requirements.
  • Strategize design
  • Configure load generation
  • Monitoring of server and load generation
  • Test data generation
  • Development of load scripts
  • Executing test cases
  • Results assessment and comprehensive reporting

Performance Monitoring Approach

The implementation of performance monitoring approach at ImpactQA includes the following steps.

Monitoring of applications

Monitoring of applications, servers networks & end users

Evolution of business expectations

Evolution of business expectations along with technology potentials

Assessment of essential business requirements

Assessment of essential business requirements and performance-related bottlenecks

Results and reporting

Results and reporting including trend analysis measurement of metrics and capacity planning

Performance Testing Tool Expertise

APM Tools

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Critical Capabilities for Quality Assurance Services Worldwide

“We utilize ImpactQA services for our mobile application testing needs in order to help us improve app quality and scale the business. We lacked in-house expertise in mobile testing domain for Android and iOS and needed quick solutions for automating our app testing suite. Team is well equipped with the latest QA technologies and their engineers helped us in devising a test strategy. Their support was amazing during the implementation.”

Our Testimonials

Extensiveness of Our Performance Testing Model

Mobile Performance Testing

Mobile Performance Testing

Mobile application performance testing focused at determining the software’s operability and stability along with resource consumption under varying conditions

Website Performance Testing

Website Performance Testing

The main purpose of website performance testing is to find out the overall performance and responsiveness of the system under average loads

API Performance Testing

API Performance Testing

The process of ensuring an API can handle an expected load to minimize performance risks and assist in the early identification of bottlenecks

Web-Server Performance Testing

Web-Server Performance Testing

Testing the response time and availability of a particular web-server to evaluate its performance based on different key performance indicators (KPIs)

Key Performance Testing Services at ImpactQA

Load Testing

Load Testing

We examine system behavior at various loadsto detect bottlenecks and precisely determine the elements responsible for it

Performance Engineering

Performance Engineering

Performance engineering permits proactive, end-to-end performance testing & monitoring of software applications that includes seamless collaboration among teams, processes and tools

Stress Testing

Stress Testing

We skillfully assess a software application’s robustness under extreme load to recognize potential outrages and avoid system damage

Benchmark Testing

Benchmark Testing

This technique measures performance testing results against performance metrics which are already set as per industry standards

Regression Testing

Regression Testing

Set up comprehensive regression testing for making sure there are no performance changes within the software due to recent upgrades

Scalability testing

Scalability testing

Our load testing company measures the ability of a software application and determines performance issues as additional load is applied

Stability Testing

Stability Testing

Our efforts are aligned to analyze the application’s stability during an extended time period to calculate downtime risks and improvise maintenance activities

Performance Resilience

Performance Resilience

With the help of resilience testing our experts load the software to check for performance issues and avoid any data loss under stress

Agile Approach to Performance Testing

Agile Approach to Performance Testing

Deploy Agile performance testing methodology to achieve realistic loads for the early detection of bottlenecks and reduction in development costs

Continuous Performance Testing

Continuous Performance Testing

The amalgamation of continuous testing and load/performance testing to detect complex issues linked to performance & load handling with help of Agile and DevOps teams

Database Volume Testing

Database Volume Testing

Volume testing is conducted to determine the link between a system's database size and performance with a view to highlight slower execution once the database expands

Synthetic Testing

Synthetic Testing

Synthetic testing is carried to analyze the system's performance on the basis of infrastructure as well as application performance metrics including disk reading/ writing, network utilization, etc.

Excellence in Software Performance Testing Services

Cloud-Based Performance Testing

Quick setup of cloud-based test lab to implement load generation strategy that allows the simulation of different users from multiple geographical locations

Performance Testing as a Service (TaaS)

TaaS replicates a real-world environment by framing virtual users to perform load testing and stress testing under a limited budget

Performance Engineering Approach with DevOps

Use of shift-left approach for recognizing areas of concern in both SDLC & PTLC together with performance dashboard creation for implementing correct tools & techniques

UX-based Performance Testing

Comprehensive UX-based performance testing that covers real-time monitoring of behavior patterns designing of load distribution from end-users’ perspective covering multiple loads, browsers & locations

Performance Testing Service Advantages

Full Cycle Performance Testing

Implementing end-to-end performance testing solutions for delivering future-proof applications with high scalability and responsiveness

Customized Solutions

Creation of customized performance testing solutions synchronized with network and server configurations

Hotspot Identification (HSID)

Examining different areas of a software app to identify sites which showcase consistently poor performance and require urgent improvements

Cloud-based Labs

Presence of cloud-based test labs that help ensure flexibility demands by simulating real-life actual traffic

Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

APM permits the consistent tracking of performance metrics in real time for web, mobile, and desktop-based applications

CI/CD Pipeline Integration

Integrate performance engineering within the CI/CD pipeline for early detection of bottlenecks within the SDLC

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Case Study

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