Localization Testing Services

Remove linguistic barriers to expand your product’s outreach across geographical locations with our globalization and localization testing services

Localization Testing Solutions

It is vital to localize software in order for it to reach a worldwide client base. ImpactQA is committed to delivering a successful product by improving its capacity and ability to seamlessly integrate with any cultural environment and local language.
We maintain precise coordination to provide top-notch localization testing services for web, mobile, and software. A dedicated team of testers with high-end competence in translation testing has proven beneficial while serving a diverse pool of Fortune 500 companies and start-ups.

Global Testing Partners

Global Testing

Streamlined localization testing process with a mix of right content, people and latest technologies that suffices your global audience

30% Reduced QA Cost

30% Reduced
QA Cost

Reduced test cycles and release time supporting quick software delivery at lesser cost

Linguistic Specialists On-Board

Linguistic Specialists On-Board

Passionate team of linguistic experts, adept at performing linguistic tests ensuring all regional and cultural nuances are covered

Onshore & Offshore Testing Network 

Onshore & Offshore Testing Network 

Team of global mobile app testers responsible for cost effective testing services and on-time project delivery

Translation Competence


Top notch localization testing services that ensure translations are correct and contextual at the same time

Our Localization Testing Methodology


Test environment set up with required documents along with previously translated versions of the app (if any) and a bug tracker set-up to perform a good quality testing

Regional and Cultural Check

Generate scripts as per specific culture with date and time formats, phone numbers, addresses and specific colour schemes, currencies, measurement units, etc.


Check for terminologies, grammatical errors, punctuations and writing styles

UI or Appearance Check

Check for Dialogs, pop-ups, notifications, hyphenation, line breaks, layouts and images


Compare inbuilt and local attributes to check the software’s quality

and Result

Analyse testing process along with defects management

Localization Testing Services at ImpactQA

Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Ensure compatibility with the target environment and further assess various software aspects including menu, text style, fonts, time-zone, graphics, currency and more. 

Linguistic Testing

Linguistic Testing

Manage error free language for your software’s localized version together with distinctive user experience.

Document Localization

Document Localization

Eradicate offensive texts, symbols, colours, etc, to ensure the content stays culturally well-suited with the local audience.

Translation Testing

Translation Testing

Achieve stress-free translations with a good check on quality and accuracy.

Cosmetic Testing

Cosmetic Testing

Check for misalignment, truncation, and multiple layout issues by fixing the cosmetic bugs and hotkey testing.

UX Testing

UX Testing

Ensure multi-platform app usability with real users across geographical locations to identify functional bugs ahead of the global release.

End-to-End Local and International Testing Expertise

Internationalization (i18n) Testing

Internationalization (i18n) Testing

Reduce development efforts by fixing bugs in source code that could be replicated in localized versions for any language.

  • Test and Optimization plan creation
  • Test design – Globalization, Pseudo Localization and selective automation
  • Pseudo Localization testing; Globalization testing leveraging existing checklists
  • Defect managements
  • Framework design for Localization testing

Website Localization l10n Testing

Check for display error or aesthetic issues on a website based on cultural & linguistic standards of a particular region

  • Machine setup using our Localization test infrastructure best practices
  • Optimization plan to cover multiple platforms and languages
  • Test design leveraging existing pseudo localization tests
  • Framework driven test automation
  • Test execution and defect management
Website Localization l10n Testing

Leverage Our Localization Testing Services For Product Launch Across Geographies

Localization Testing Advantages

Our adept and experienced localization engineers conduct testing using effective strategies and detailed QA methodology. To achieve accurate results, we follow all the key considerations of localization testing, such as testing scope, test case management, test case development, and defect reporting and mobile apps localization testing.

Quick Test Deployment

Localization specific test optimization matrix to reduce test cycle time to 60% and enable quicker time to market

100+ Certified QA Professionals

Cross functional team of experts spanning testing and product localization for all kinds of web, mobile and desktop applications

Zero Geographical Barriers

Inhouse and offshore testing services as per your convenience and ease

Competitive Price Benchmarking

Exceptional testing services at competitive prices that suffices all your testing requirements

Proficiency in Contextual Testing

Specialized resident testers skilled in linguistic testing to enable contextual testing that stretches beyond basic translation testing

Well-Equipped Labs

Testing laboratories that are well-equipped to guarantee comprehensive testing services and better application performance

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