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ImpactQA offers end-to-end testing of IoT devices with the promise of reliable and secure functionality. We possess hands-on experience with advanced testing tools and network protocols such as Bluetooth, Z-Wave, Zigbee, 6LoWPAN, Wi-Fi, Cellular, LoRaWAN, and others, providing accurate and efficient testing results. With our extensive knowledge of industry standards and regulations, we assure compliance with IoT best practices. Moreover, our in-house team of experienced IoT testers is well-versed with device simulators and cloud testing automation frameworks for delivering flawless execution.

Cost of Hardware Reduced by 55%

Cost of Hardware Reduced by 55%

30% Improved Application Quality

30% Improved Application Quality

Automation to Reduce Testing Efforts by 60%

Automation to Reduce Testing Efforts by 60%

Testing Different Connectivity Scenarios

Testing Different Connectivity Scenarios

IoT TaaS Model for Higher Flexibility

IoT TaaS Model for Higher Flexibility

Our IoT Testing Approach

IoT Testing Excellence to Deliver Quality Products

Human-Subject-Based Testing

Simulation-based Testing

We use simulations to design and build a better IoT system by allowing software to run and visualize testing more quickly.

Wearable Biosensor Testing

We offer expert assistance to assure the accuracy and reliability of wearable biosensor software systems used in the healthcare, medical, and sports industries.

Wearable Biosensor Testing

Human-based Testing

Our team determines and validates device and application variations based on real individual characteristics & interactions. We effectively manage test data collection and create comparison reports.

Simulation-based Testing

Our IoT Testing Lab

ImpactQA manages an IoT lab equipped with real devices and hardware, as well as the use of simulators, emulators, and cloud-based platforms. Our IoT-skilled testers are committed to ensuring the quality of your IoT products through improved automation, effective risk management, and enhanced user experience across all platforms.

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Our Technology Expertise

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Extensive QA Testing Strategy

To address the challenges associated with validating IoT setup, test execution, and result verifications, we employ a comprehensive agile testing strategy.

Utilize Our Collaborations

Our testing team is well-versed in using various IoT testing tools, including Wireshark, Shodan, Tcpdump, SOASTA CloudTest, Testim, MATLAB, and others.

Robust Automation Framework

By utilizing robust automated testing frameworks, our testing team is able to decrease the amount of time spent on regression testing, increasing time-to-market and reducing cost. 

Network Simulation Expertise

Our network variability testing experience helps recreate real-world network scenarios to incorporate in a test environment to better analyze the IoT-enabled device.

Customer-Centric Approach

We take a customer-focused approach with deep industry knowledge and technical competencies to understand and resolve the client’s IoT challenges.

Regulatory Guidelines

We ensure that all regulatory requirements across industries and countries (such as ISO/IEC 27035, NIST SP 800-160, EN 300 328, UL 2900-2-2) are met so that your IoT product has a hassle-free launch experience.

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