Top Reasons Why Organizations Need A Dedicated Software Testing Company As A Partner

Top Reasons Why Organizations Need A Dedicated Software Testing Company As A Partner

What do you prefer? An in-house QA or an external QA? Companies with in-house QA services have felt great someday, but generally feel the constant struggle to maintain the skilled QA team that is available on-demand as the software industry, skills, and demand & supply tends to change every now and then. An external software testing services provider brings the advantage of dedicated testing services minus the challenges you face in maintaining one!  

Every Software Development project needs software testing right from the initial days. Choosing the right Software testing partner is an important step, as it is essential for shortening the software release cycle and ensuring the required quality in the product. The main essence of outsourcing the QA services is to out bring the enhanced quality of the product at lower costs.  

Software testing is a crucial phase of software development, but it is not the core activity for most companies, often because of lack of time or resources. When this software testing is outsourced to dedicated, experienced, and specialized quality assurance partners it brings in better results and the companies can focus on their core missions. While choosing such specialized software testing vendors, certain aspects are to be considered as part of the evaluation criteria.  


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Let us discuss the aspects one by one:  


1. Quality of Testing 

Having a leading software testing company as a partner helps you in getting an impartial third-party review in all the software development phases. This helps you lead the development in unbiased and assumption-free testing that meets the end customers’ expectations.  An independent QA team finds more defects in a product if compared to an in-house one. This means, the software development cycle is secured with the best protection of software testing and the quality is maintained in every phase. Independent testers adhere strictly to the customer goals and objectives and are immune to management pressure. 


2. Less Management Effort  

Once you sign up for the best QA company’s services, the hassle of hiring the QA engineers and training them is eliminated. The development team just needs to focus on the process of creating the best product ever. And the management need not worry about dealing with the surplus staff. Testers of QA companies are engaged on-demand and they already have the knowledge and relevant experience of industry standards and compliances, eliminating the cross-training requirements whenever the tester moves from one domain to another, helping the organization in being adept to the rapid market changes and staying ahead of most of the competition! 


3. Access to the best Testing Talent  

An independent QA and testing company delivers business access to the latest industry trends and upskilled testing practices and resources skilled in the new technologies. Most of the leading QA companies have their own test centres of excellence and give the sweet deal to the partners with world-class tool vendors, the best ones in the game! They bring the advantage of a large knowledge base built from years of cross-industry testing experience. 


4. Such a Low Cost of Ownership  

Having a partnership with the independent testing services company gives you a cutting edge, as it eliminates the process of setting up the hardware and software required for testing the product. Management does not need the requirement of maintaining the testing frameworks, tools, and testing environments, and also, QA leaders help you access the best testing team that cuts down on the development rework! Voila! A win-win it is! 


5. Team’s Capabilities   

Software Testing Teams_IQAQA engineers and quality managers AKA the testing team which is assigned by the testing partner make sure that they are competent and compliant with the expertise in the software testing and management skills. Even many clients are given access to interview the engineers and management before handing in their development project so that the partner can ensure the proficiency and readiness of the testing teams’ testing capacities. Even the partner makes sure that the team members are gelling up with the culture and atmosphere of the new partner.  Certifications of the team members can also be checked as it gives the confidence for a company on the testing approach of the partner. 


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6. Time to Market  

The testing team not only ensures the enhanced quality of the product but also brings on the advantages of tried and testing processes. The use cases help them in understanding the complicated testing situation and bringing the relevant solution to in at the right moment. People with the right skills are engaged from day one which ensures less too & fro and faster turnaround time, reducing the time to market. 


7. Communication  

The best software testing partner ensures an established smooth conversation with the clients. Dedicated POC’s are provided from the partner who can reach and support the client whenever required. This helps in curbing the miscommunication that might affect productivity unless management uses the right technology and processes to avoid it. 


8. Secured Testing Infrastructure 

The testing service provider makes sure that they provide you with the necessary infrastructure to support your product which means they have the necessary software, hardware devices, testing tools, backend database systems, operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux), etc. Also, the ensure the security provided by them as a partner, as the protection of the data is highly critical while outsourcing from a business perspective. 


Aren’t these points enough, or you need more? 

If you still need more convincing work, we welcome you to visit ImpactQA and know for yourself what difference we as a leading Software testing partner are making. Being the worlds’ best surely comes with a load of responsibilities, but with the suite full of smart tools and creative frameworks, we ensure the best testing services with a team of amazing testers ready to be outsourced and rock your product! 

Contact us if you have any queries. 


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