Top 5 Cloud-Based Software Testing Tools

Top 5 Cloud-Based Software Testing Tools

The extensiveness of cloud-based testing has been impressive as more and more enterprises have realized its gravity and competence over the past couple of years. Cloud-based testing is advantageous for a team to maintain pace and client demands which are related to test automation. The software testers are permitted to perform tests covering multiple versions, multiple devices, and multiple test case scenarios, thereby enhancing project efficiency.

The cloud testing market is projected to acquire USD 10.24 Billion by 2022; this growth is expected to occur at 13.01% CAGR.  The role of cloud-based software testing tools is imperative when it comes to conducting cloud testing. At present, you have several cloud-based testing tools available in the market that are well-suited for both small and large businesses.

As per industry gurus, the value of cloud-based testing is likely to surge majorly in the near future. With remote working gaining prominence during this global pandemic, the dependency on cloud testing has increased to uplift the value of cloud-based testing tools directly. To understand the significance of cloud-based testing tools within the software testing arena, let us focus on its benefits and top tool choices preferred by companies.


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Top 5 Cloud-Based Software Testing Tools


Benefits of Cloud-Based Testing Tools



The most interesting aspect related to cloud-based automation tools is the reduced ‘cost of ownership’ as compared to conventional test automation tools. With cloud-based tools, there are no licensing costs and the presence of hardware needs are also less. Furthermore, cloud-based tools deliver high reusability in terms of test components. They are ranked as highly scalable to prove useful for load & performance testing frameworks.

Comfort of Virtualization

The incorporation of cloud-based tools brings with it the advantages of virtualization. To be precise, companies are enabled to make use of their resources to achieve efficient testing optimally. The need for virtualization becomes highly imperative as applications turn more and more complex. Enterprises gain through the benefit of lesser capital costs and resource sharing.

Quick Testing

Having cloud-based automation tools in your software testing suite assures additional advantages related to quicker test arrangements and tool deployment. There is no role for a tiring setup or installation process as testing can immediately initiate from any place without any geographical restrictions. Moreover, cloud-based tools offer seamless software upgrades with reduced downtime. Quick testing directly lessens the time-to-market that is eagerly expected by companies to receive better market standing.


Topmost Cloud-Based Testing Tools

  • SOASTA CloudTest

ImpactQA - CloudTest LogoSOASTA is the sole developer of CloudTest, which is a leading cloud-based software testing tool. The primary functionalities of CloudTest are associated with loading and performance testing focused at mobile & web applications. This cloud testing tool operates by hosting one or more servers or preferably the cloud.

Prime Features:

  • Presence of a customizable dashboard with real-time feedback
  • Availability of Visual Playback Editor and Visual Test Creation
  • Collaboration with cloud providers like Rackspace and AWS for executing application stress test


  • Nessus

ImpactQA - Nessus LogoThe usefulness of this renowned cloud-based testing tool is evident via vulnerability scanner operations. It permits the detection of discrepancies linked to misconfigurations as well as missing patches across devices, virtualized systems, cloud infrastructure, firewalls, etc. Nessus assists in the detection of threats such as viruses, backdoors, malware, and a lot more. On the broader front, this cloud-based software testing tool provides visibility for AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure platforms.

Prime Features:

  • Automatic plugin updates in real-time
  • Provision for pre-built policies & templates
  • Conduct a vulnerability assessment to spot system issues and inconsistencies


  • Testsigma

ImpactQA - Testsigma LogoThe popularity of Testsigma as a useful cloud-based automation testing tool for mobile & web applications has supported numerous companies across different industry verticals. Being an AI-driven tool, Testsigma is ideal for continuous testing in both DevOps and Agile environments. The incorporation of this tool helps save time and overall cost by running tests in a parallel arrangement.

Prime Features:

  • Natural language processing that simplifies the writing of automated tests
  • Active suggestions associated with test execution whenever the code gets altered
  • Recognizing potential test failures for better implementation


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  • LoadStorm

ImpactQA - LoadStorm LogoBeing a primary load testing tool for both mobile and web applications, LoadStorm is not that complicated. You can consider it as a capable cloud-based testing tool for assessing performance under extreme traffic scenarios. The capability of this tool can be judged by its high scalability which permits it to simulate multiple virtual users to spot looming issues in your website or application. With the involvement of LoadStorm in your software testing plan, recording scripts become somewhat more manageable.

Prime Features:

  • Provision for cloud load testing to highlight the scalability of web and mobile applications
  • Advance reporting to deliver sophisticated overview related to application performance under load


  • Dev@Cloud

ImpactQA - Dev@Cloud LogoCloudBees introduced the Jenkins Dev@Cloud, which effectively facilitates development, integration and continuous deployment on the cloud. This cloud testing tool supports development in numerous languages merged with deployment in multiple services. The presence of trending mobile testing tools focused at development is one of the prominent advantages of Jenkins Dev@Cloud; it offers a secure connection via the cloud for the existing systems.

Prime Features:

  • Support from third-party systems such as Google App Engine, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, etc
  • Steady software delivery platform that protects cloud-native apps which are designed using Jenkins X
  • The presence of CloudBees Core works as a CI/CD automation engine which backs different software portfolios
  • Availability of CloudBees CodeShip to leverage features for shipping the apps.


Cloud-based testing tools need to be selected on the basis of application and company requirements. The benefits of various cloud testing tools are readily mentioned in the above section; however, you need to analyze how to can utilize them smartly for the benefit of your organization.

You need not be restricted to popular tools such as CloudTest, Testsigma, or LoadStorm, but explore the market by consulting quality cloud testing service providers. ImpactQA can serve as a specialist consultant in updating you thoroughly about the trending cloud-based testing tools. You can further receive in-depth knowledge about their usage and operational benefits through our experts whenever required.


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