Top QA Consulting Companies in USA 2021

Top QA Consulting Companies in USA 2021

Quality Assurance, as the word suggests, is a process where a QA testing company assures the quality of your product after putting it through various testing mechanisms. Although quality assurance has been relevant since 1987, it has certainly become an essential commodity in the past decade.

No one can argue against the importance of QA testing now. Any delays or software defects found after the release of software can be pernicious for any enterprise. It can result in the loss of valuable clients as well as a loss of income for a company. A study conducted recently found that companies lost over 1.1 trillion dollars in 2016 alone.

These losses could’ve been mitigated if those companies had used the services of a QA testing company.

Quality Assurance services help you get rid of any bugs or flaws in the design of your software. Getting rid of these flaws allows you to provide your client base with the best UI/UX, ensuring that your software generates the ideal amount of buzz in the market.

Quality Assurance is primarily based on two principles: “Fit for purpose” and “right first time”. These two principles combine to develop authentic technical software. A software engineer’s job is to make the product work once, but a QA engineer assures that the product works every time.

Now that we know the importance of the process of QA testing. Let’s now look at the top 7 QA consulting companies in the world:



ImpactQA, as the name suggests, has made a spectacular impact in the QA testing world. In the past decade, ImpactQA has completed more than 900 projects, providing satisfaction to more than 800 clients worldwide. ImpactQA has provided QA consulting services to many different industries such as Healthcare, E-learning, E-commerce, BFSI, Media, Logistics, Medical Device Testing, Real Estate, and more.

With more than 250 QA engineers, ImpactQA ensures that all your projects are completed within the set deadline. They offer a plethora of QA services; you can create the perfect cocktail of QA testing services according to your business needs. But this New York-based company’s greatest strength is its drive to deliver excellence at an expedient pace.

ImpactQA’s QA Testing Services benefits:

  • Reduce total testing cost by 50%
  • Improve software quality by removing 95% of high-severity defects
  • Decrease time-to-market by 25%
  • Location: USA (HQ), India, UK, Germany
  • Employees: 250+



ImpactQA - Capgemini logo

With branches all over the world and an annual income of 856 million dollars, Capgemini is a global juggernaut. Capgemini’s QA testing services allow you to reduce cost, increase speed, and improve the quality of your business operations.

Capgemini serves several Fortune 500 companies, providing them with a foundation to keep their business sustainable. They conform to all the industry standards and deliver excellent services using their robust, proprietary tools and software testing frameworks.

Capgemini’s QA Testing Services benefits:

  • Reduce total testing cost by 35%
  • Up to 40% reduction in the overall test effort
  • Decrease time-to-market by 15%
  • Location: France (HQ), USA, India, and more
  • Employees: 270k+



ImpactQA - IBM Logo

International Business Machines (IBM) is a world leader in QA testing.

IBM provides you with smart QA solutions by combining test automation with service virtualization to mimic unavailable systems. They use a shift-left approach to get immediate feedback, which allows them to rectify the defects at an earlier stage.

IBM’s QA Testing Services benefits:

  • Reduce total testing cost by 40%
  • Improvement in software quality with the prevention of more than 99% high-severity defects
  • Decrease time-to-market by 30%
  • Location: USA(HQ), Canada, Australia
  • Employees: 300k+



ImpactQA - Sogeti

Sogeti’s QA Testing portfolio consists of a wide array of QA testing services.

They assure your business outcomes by using state-of-the-art Quality Engineering Delivery Centres, Digital Assurance Factories, and Mobile Testing Centres of Excellence.

Sogeti enables you to speed up your digital transformation by implementing its prudent expertise and methodologies, ensuring that your goals are met in a timely manner.

Sogeti’s QA Testing Services benefits:

  • Reduce total testing cost by 25%
  • Prevention of more than 98% high-severity defects
  • Up to 30% reduction in the overall test effort
  • Location: France (HQ), USA
  • Employees: 25k+



ImpactQA - Oxagile

Founded by Dmitry Karpovich and Sergey Marchuk, Oxagile is a subdivision of the BelHard Group. Their QA testing services allow enterprises to gain a competitive advantage using their years of experience and the latest technology. They cater to clients from different industries including healthcare, sports, finance, media, and many more.

Oxagile’s QA Testing Services benefits:

  • Reduce total testing cost by 15%
  • Prevention of more than 90% high-severity defects
  • Decrease in time-to-market by at least 15%
  • Location: USA (HQ)
  • Employees: 350+



ImpactQA - Sciencesoft

Sciencesoft was found two years after the advent of QA testing services, but they only started delivering QA testing services 18 years ago.

Their QA testing services involve test automation which allows them to find bugs in the initial stages of production, saving enterprises a lot of money. Sciencesoft empowers businesses with best-in-class QA testing tools. These tools enable them to find bugs at a fast pace and accelerate the time-to-market of the software.

Sciencesoft’s QA Testing Services benefits:

  • Reduce total testing cost by 22%
  • Improve software quality by reducing up to 93% of high-priority defects
  • Up to 15% reduction in the overall test effort
  • Location: USA(HQ), Finland
  • Employees: 700+



ImpactQA - Belitsoft logo

Being a client-oriented QA testing company, Belitsoft is committed to providing high-quality software products and services.

Since 2004 Belitsoft has been the partner of choice for large and medium-sized enterprises, startups, small businesses, and technology innovators. With 290+ employees with an average tenure of 4 years, your product is in safe hands.

Belitsoft has provided its services to sectors such as Healthcare, Financial, Insurance, and many more.

Belitsoft’s QA Testing Services benefits:

  • Reduce total testing cost by 30%
  • Significantly mitigation in technical and business risks
  • Decrease time-to-market by 15%
  • Location: Belarus (HQ), USA
  • Employees: 290+


To conclude

Companies lose millions of dollars every year because of defective products. Sectors such as healthcare and finance are affected by a lapse in the quality of the final product.

QA consulting companies help companies to combat all these issues by creating frameworks that allow organizations to deliver quality and consistency.

Hire a top QA consulting company to resolve all the bottlenecks in your CI/CD pipeline. To improve the efficiency and quality of your products today.


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