What are the Ideal Methods to Plot Performance Testing Scheme?

What are the Ideal Methods to Plot Performance Testing Scheme?

The usefulness of performance testing as a non-functional software testing technique permits to concentrate on system performance at a particular load. To deploy software performance testing schemes there are certain parameters that need to be checked.

Many people think that performance testing is only conducted to find system bugs and error. However, with appropriate measures to performance testing, we can surely get to assess other aspects of software such as speed, stability and scalability.


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What is the Purpose of Software Performance Testing?

The need for software performance testing arises due to a lot many factors, including:

  • At the time of load testing for a software to check the running of the application when several users access it
  • To identify and resolve issues associated with system bugs and errors
  • Process load management to check whether the software or hardware requires any improvement before it is released
  • To check your software or application on diverse KPIs such as load time, memory uses, response time, etc

Currently, businesses believe that delivering an overall digital experience is far more than testing for page speed or load times. Hence, the incorporation of performance testing is viewed as a major task for software testers because they are motivated to implement a multi-layered testing approach.


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How to Plan Performance Testing Scheme?

For creating an ideal model for software performance testing, you need to abide by certain methods. Each of these practices is carefully assessed by expert testers and recommended for enhancing the overall performance testing process.


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  • Chalk Out a Complete Test Strategy

You need to start with a comprehensive test strategy for highlighting the types of tests that are necessary for improving the application. It should be understood that performance testing does require a high level of planning and research before the final execution. Furthermore, it is essential that the testing strategy must strictly reflect the real-life environment.


  • Identify the Performance Bottleneck

Your experience and skill as a tester do not come into play since you cannot guess when the next performance concern might pop up. Therefore, whenever a problem arises, it is imperative to initiate software testing with individual components and not stress on the overall module. The process can be time-consuming but can save you a significant amount of money.


  • Focus on Think Time

To be precise, ‘think time’ is basically the measure of time pause which a user takes while working on your application. Typically, think time occurs whenever a user pauses for checking out the information that plays across the screen. We can view this time lag as a gap when a customer restricts his/her actions to verify the payment details. While structuring test scripts, you can easily repair this time as a fixed time that occurs between two subsequent requests.


  • Record Previous Experiences

The task of spotting performance testing challenges within the software can take time. It is recommended to conduct testing using the same conditions and analyze whether or not the problems exist. With a systematic run of continuous observation, you will be actively assisted to construct a filtering system for tracking down performance issues. It is believed that a dedicated observer is the one who aims to analyze his/her own testing decisions during a specific time period. Furthermore, they use this experience to reach the actual cause of the problem.


  • Concentrate on Baseline Tests

Time management is one of the vital aspects of a performance testing scheme. It is important to concentrate on baseline tests since approximately 85% of the issues are highlighted during these tests. Testers can effectively identify and segregate problems at the time of baseline tests because it might get tricky to isolate them later.


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We need to understand that system performance testing is an important division of the software testing life cycle. It proves effective in enhancing customer satisfaction as well as to lower the threats related to the failure. You can readily make use of the above-mentioned tips for creating an ideal performance testing scheme for your business. If you seek further assistance with the operational knowledge, feel free to connect with ImpactQA, a leading provider of performance testing services.


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