Scriptless Test Automation – A Pass to the Future

Scriptless Test Automation – A Pass to the Future

In today’s corporate environment, software testing is no longer regarded as an unnecessary business investment; rather, it has risen to the level of a need rather than a luxury. With the ongoing changes in the market and increased rivalry, it is critical for businesses to do something that sets them apart from their competitors. 

To differentiate themselves, firms must increase efficiency, accelerate development, and offer quality in a cost-effective manner. They can take their items to the next level with perfect software. This fosters confidence and credibility among their prospective and current clients for their products. This may be accomplished with a powerful and regressive Quality Assurance system. 

Automation testing is the most rigorous sort of software testing in the software development cycle, and practically every organization uses it. It has evolved through time to allow for quicker and higher-quality software releases. Test automation has relieved testers of monotonous tasks while also speeding up the entire testing process. According to GlobeNewswire research, the global market for automated testing is expected to exceed $35 billion USD by 2026. 

However, the ROI from automation is not always as expected. The cause might be the maintenance of automation test scripts; the long hours necessary to design test suites; a lack of a test data management strategy and the necessity for development resources; and a lack of engagement of Subject Matter Experts.

The solution to all such issues is Scriptless Test Automation; which we will understand in the following sections of the blog.  

Scriptless Test Automation – A New Trend in Software Testing

Scriptless Automation Testing allows testers to employ automated test cases without having to manually type codes. As a consequence, test results will be faster and the time spent building test suites would be reduced. This innovative low-code/no-code strategy is being welcomed by businesses. 

According to a recent research study, scriptless test automation gained a strong spot on the list of Top 15 software Trends in 2021. Perhaps this is why CXOs can’t ignore Scriptless test automation. 

Adopting Scriptless test automation can help to accelerate the entire software development process and boost code reusability. This Scriptless architecture assists the development team by relieving them of the burden of spending a significant amount of time building test scripts. And developers are embracing this minimal code/no code strategy as an effective solution to address the never-ending need for speedier development. 

The Scriptless solution not only assists organizations in simplifying the difficult test automation process but also minimizes the time and effort required by the team to ensure quality. 

Advantages of Scriptless Test Automation


1. Engagement of Business Analysts & Technical Experts

The Scriptless automation technique is not overly complicated. This allows Business Analysts, Technical Experts, and other Subject Matter Experts to participate. They may provide professional advice on various automation ideas and methodologies. 


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2. Automation Script Maintenance

After developers build scripts and run them in the software cycle, the next step is to maintain such scripts. Maintenance issues in automation are frequently cited as reasons why time-to-market isn’t improving as quickly as it should. However, testing using scriptless automation is a simple procedure that requires little upkeep, even for large automation test suites. 

3. Greater Test Coverage in Less Time

Scriptless test automation eliminates the need for human coding when constructing large test suites. It minimizes the amount of time spent on automated testing while increasing test coverage. 

Top Scriptless Automation Tools

There are several Scriptless Automation testing tools available in the market. There are no common standards for selecting Scriptless automation test tools. Here are some options that are highly suggested for usage in the automation process.  

1. AcceIQ

A codeless testing tool is driven by AI that can automate desktop, online, and other apps with minimal time and effort. Natural English Coding and Self-Healing technology are two of the most prominent characteristics that attract testers’ attention. 

2. Katalon Studio

Katalon is a popular choice due to its extensive testing capabilities and user-friendly interface. Furthermore, capabilities like record and playback functionality, as well as drag and drop, make it an ideal scriptless tool. 

3. Testim

Testim is an all-in-one AI-based codeless testing solution. It uses Machine Learning to create, test, execute, and manage them. It significantly decreases execution time and accelerates the testing cycle. 

4. Cloud QA

As the need for cloud-based solutions grows, Agile teams are seeking for unique cloud-based solutions. Clod QA proves to be a robust scriptless test automation software hosted in the cloud. Cloud QA is based on the Selenium framework and runs on cloud infrastructure with no effort and setup time. It also works with a variety of online apps and frameworks.

5. Perfecto

Perfecto is yet another renowned cloud-based testing tool for web and mobile applications. Perfecto is notable for its AI fault categorization capabilities, as well as self-healing characteristics that allow test scripts to be updated continually and operate with little maintenance.


We’ve almost finished discussing everything there is to know about scriptless automation testing. Both codeless automation testing and scripted testing add something new to the table. Scriptless testing is a lot easier and faster approach to building test suites, and it allows additional Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to participate in the development process and share their thoughts. This has a significant influence on the complete Software Development Life Cycle and assists a firm in differentiating itself in this crowded industry. Even CXOs see it as a major opportunity to convert testing for contemporary delivery using a similar no code/low code approach. 

Contact us at ImpactQA to discuss your project ideas and implement Scriptless test automation for each of your software applications.  


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