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Top Software Testing Trends to Focus in 2021

The importance of software testing has escalated worldwide due to the Covid-19 pandemic forcing people to shift most of their work dealings from home. Therefore, the need to upkeep applications, we need software testing that directly maximizes business operations.

In the earlier days, software testing was limited to finding errors and offering product improvement recommendations. These days, the impact of technological advancement has transformed the approach abided for testing and quality assurance. The usefulness of various tests across the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) indicates this process’s extensiveness.

Why is Software Testing Gaining Importance?

ImpactQA - Software Testing Trends & ModificationsThe count of applications used by organizations is growing which is further fueling the cost related to safety and security measures. This is the reason why software testing is under the spotlight for all good reasons. As per the World Quality Report, 60% of the organizations agreed that cost is the biggest test environment challenge. Furthermore, testing finances are now merged together with software engineering finances since QA is actively implanted in the development cycle. As a result, the majority of the businesses have started acknowledging the importance of quality assurance and have put their trust in software testing companies for offering specialized assistance.

“The principle objective of software testing is to give confidence in the software.”

This year has witnessed noticeable changes within the software testing arena. Several major players have broadened their operations to adapt to the remote working model. Based on all such tweaks and upgrades, the latest software testing trends already in motion and the ones set to impact in 2021 are cleared discussed in this blog. 

Fresh Opportunities with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

The primary purpose of incorporating Artificial Intelligence in the software testing model is to achieve a smarter testing approach. The enhancement in reasoning and problem-solving skills is a result of AI & ML, which automate and upgrade the overall software testing process. Furthermore, the dependency on manual testing is reduced with the availability of artificial intelligence.

In 2019, AI & ML together worked suitably to speed up the test automation process. Moreover, these technologies’ combined effect was also reported to improve test quality, classification of defects, and interaction with an application under test (AUT). It is expected that in the following year, AI & ML will take charge of more complex tasks within the SDLC and further encourage test creation and test execution.

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                              QAOps & Its Popularity in Software Testing

Transformation to QAOps

The precise meaning of QAOps is the integration of quality assurance (QA) and CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) channel. In simple words, this model stresses on integrating the software process with the CI/CD pipeline. Based on this arrangement, the QA team must close work with the operation team and development team.

Under QAOps, DevOps is merged with continuous testing to ensure any software changes are readily forwarded to the CI/CD pipeline’s production phase. It prevents the hassle of conducting software testing at vague intervals without any clarity on quality issues.

Performance Testing Driven By Performance Engineering 

The performance testing of applications has reached a higher level where security, business value, configuration, and usability are vital benchmarks. Different software testing service providers have revamped their priorities inclined towards a user-centric approach to match up with this tendency. It includes the prevention of potential performance defects at the initial stages of the product’s life cycle. The advantages of performance engineering and testing engineering have transformed performance objectives for an application, including speed, stability, and scalability under varying circumstances. The system is now analyzed for discrepancies with the search operation thoroughly conducted to find their root causes starting from the development process. 



ImpactQA - Performance Engineering & Software Testing

Popularity of IoT & Big Data Testing

At present, the demand for the Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed into a global situation. We are living in a connected world that is filled with millions of devices that are directly responsible for increasing testing activities. As we can see, the components to be tested vary between platforms, devices, operating systems, and protocols; the overall software testing & QA market is likely to experience escalated demand for performance, security, usability, and compatibility testing.

A similar situation can be seen in terms of Big Data. With the rising demand for IoT-enabled applications, there are better opportunities focused on widespread data volumes required and accumulated for larger projects. Therefore, testing of big data certainly improves an organizations’ capability to confirm data-driven decisions. Furthermore, its effect can also be seen in refining market strategies with a broader perspective. 

The above-mentioned software testing trends are aligned with growing business needs to bring positive outcomes. The proliferation of AI, ML, and IoT has already created a major breakthrough and prominent upgrades related to software testing are likely to occur in 2021. QAOps and Performance Engineering are the promising segments gaining higher traction from leading software testing companies like ImpactQA, to reap bigger and better benefits in the coming years.

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How is ImpactQA Revolutionizing Software Testing Industry in this Modern Era

Regardless of the industry, you belong to, the role of technology and its various tools have become an important aspect. In order to acquire higher returns on investment, the software is essential to carry out tasks in a smooth manner. For every business that deals with the development of applications, software quality should be the prime focus. To upkeep this requirement, you have numerous software testing & QA companies which make sure your applications are structured in a full-proof way.

ImpactQA is a leading software testing company that has been showcasing its expertise in the industry for almost a decade. Over the years, the company has smartly adapted to the latest technology trends and business needs to maintain its shining status. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that ImpactQA has been at the foremost of revolutionizing the software testing industry with the active incorporation of certain modernized testing methodologies.

This write-up offers a clear insight towards the contributions put in by ImpactQA within the software testing industry. Let us try to focus on some of the prime techniques that have proven supremely effective:




Digital Transformation

As per the statistics delivered by the World Economic Forum, the market for digital transformation is expected to hit $100 trillion by 2025. ImpactQA has been sound and aware of the changing trends and has utilized digital transformation to augment its software testing suite. The company has been a step ahead with its digital transformation consultancy that offers new digital features that work to polish important features like flexibility and agility of the QA processes.

Over the years, ImpactQA has been supportive of major digital upgrades that have proven effective in pulling more clients from the global front. The company has been pushing its limits in increasing its technology pool with an aim to explore innovative techniques.


Shift towards Performance Engineering

The usefulness of performance testing to assess operational ease for applications is necessary for almost all enterprises. In 2020, the role of performance engineering is slowly gaining higher prominence than performance testing methods. Based on this structure, you get to conveniently evaluate customer experience that helps in better commercial viability.

ImpactQA is among the top software testing companies in the USA that have successfully implemented performance engineering to gauge product performance. In the near future, the company wishes to expand the role of performance engineering within its service offerings by laying more focus on vital elements like the realism of use, customer value, and configuration quality.


Enhanced Role of AI/ML

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in software testing is useful in making the testing efforts grow smarter and efficient. It should be known that AI and machine learning, when applied to test operations, tend to improve problem-solving features. Hence, you get a better hand at automated steps to benefit from advance testing.

ImpactQA has been an ardent follower of AI in software testing. The company has understood its value towards time conservation due to the replacement of manual testing with upgraded automation testing. Moreover, ImpactQA has further strengthened its test suite due to the availability of log analytics, defect analytics and forecast features, all thanks to the involvement of AI.



Cloud & Software Testing Operations

The world is shifting towards cloud computing services as they offer a better and cost effective option. Proper involvement of cloud in software testing allows you to receive in-depth information associated to application, infrastructure, and network.

ImpactQA has built a well-structured arrangement for cloud computing merged with AI-based testing service. The availability of such a refined and modern software testing option permits your applications to run smoothly. The methodology precisely includes deploying the application on the cloud that allows the measurement of dormancy in the best possible manner.

You can connect with ImpactQA for gaining more knowledge about its software testing approach. Each of your queries will be addressed by the professionals for better clarity.  

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ImpactQA is Carving out a Niche at GoodFirms Through Its Robust Software Testing Services

Providing a full suite of manual and automated functional testing services performed throughout the Software Development Life Cycle endows ImpactQA amongst the top software testing companies in the USA.

Overview of the Company

ImpactQA is a preeminent QA Consultant and Software Testing company founded by Jyoti Prasad Bhatt in 2011. It is based in New York and has operations in New Delhi, Dallas, and London. The CEO always had an intense curiosity about technology that inspired him to begin his own company. Jyoti Prasad, along with other Innovators, from tiny to gargantuan, creates impeccable digital experiences by working together to attain a common goal. The team at ImpactQA holds a diverse client base of 250+ satisfied customers, ranging from nurturing startups to Fortune 500 companies. Having years of experience, the team has successfully developed the business across different testing domains, viz automation testing, performance testing, IoT testing, mobile app testing, cloud testing, security testing, Devops testing, and AI testing. Highly expert QA technicians using smart tools, global delivery methodology, and customer-centric approach is what makes ImpactQA the first preference of the clients.

GoodFirms’ Research Process:

GoodFirms is one of the pioneer research and review platforms that evaluate different B2B businesses for making the tasks of the service-seekers easy and effective. The evaluation process is based on significant criteria – Quality, Reliability, and Ability. Similarly, the GoodFirms team also evaluated ImpactQA and asserted it to be one of the top software testing, QA testing, and performance testing companies at GoodFirms.

The following is the evaluation report of the ImpactQA made by the GoodFirms team:

Proven Package of Testing Services for Delivering Flawless System Functionality:

At ImpactQA, the expert testers’ team, through the persuasive techniques and high-class tools, is pushing the conventional standard of quality assurance to produce an unmatched deliverable. The experts are always ready to do their best to make the product bug-free. Moreover, the experts try to brainstorm the technical solutions with the customer-oriented strategy, and with an excellent approach, help organizations in flourishing an ever-advancing market.

Furthermore, the skilled and adept team has an extensive work background in end-to-end testing strategy and unbiased quality assurance services. The automation frameworks, techniques, requirements, tools, and accelerators support used by the professionals provide significant value to the clients’ business. Serving as an extendable to clients’ organization, the team offers knowledge, expertise, intelligence, market insights, and productivity to lower their quality costs and elevate the quality of IT solutions. Thus, providing high-quality and cost-effective onshore and offshore QA solutions endows ImpactQA amongst the top software testing companies in the USA at GoodFirms.

The below review and scorecard are proving the potential of the testers at ImpactQA:



Powerful and Pervasive Testing Ecosystem to Deliver the Best of QA:

ImpactQA helps the clients to focus on writing code and reduce development time by surfacing bugs and defects that no one could envision. The team performs end-to-end testing: functional, usability, security, database testing, cross-platform, cross-browser, accessibility, etc. Moreover, the testers try to give clients complete transparency for everything they do in the scope of their project. Seamlessly integrating with clients’ business and development processes, the QA’s at

ImpactQA ensures clients’ full access to the testing progress of their software. Besides this, the QA team also understands that it is highly important for clients to know how the team is progressing with the testing tasks and whether their progress aligns with clients’ business goals. The dedicated QA Experts employ top testing tools to provide penetration and vulnerability testing to the clients who seek to exclude vulnerabilities before the software is deployed or bought. The team always outlines the most essential QA KPIs and keeps clients’ informed about their status. Thus, with an advanced proven testing approach, the team at ImpactQA burgeons amongst the top QA testing companies at GoodFirms.

Ensuring High Responsiveness with Load Testing and Performance Testing Tool:

Performance testing is essential since it endorses the system’s intelligence to work efficiently under both high and normal load conditions. The team at ImpactQA is a leading performance testing company with robust professional valor and can ensure the smooth functioning of clients’ business. The goal of performance testing is not to detect bugs, but to reduce performance-related bottlenecks that can affect the usability of a software product. This testing method includes evaluating software applications to guarantee they will perform well under real-world circumstances.

The expert professionals test the scalability, endurance, and speed of clients’ software applications under a precise workload and assure high-quality performance. Apart from locating out how fast some perspectives of a system perform under workload, performance testing is also employed to confirm whether the developed system suffices the performance criterion. Thus, testing an application’s performance in terms of its ability to measure attributes with total accuracy facilitates ImpactQA as one of the top performance testing companies at GoodFirms.

The below-displayed review is confirming the performance of the testers at ImpactQA.

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