The year 2023 was an unusually prosperous year for Kubernetes, with skyrocketing adoptions. The buzz around this open-source feature and the influence of container orchestration systems has now extended throughout global companies to eventually increase customer confidence in managing modern software.

Kubernetes as the key to rapid innovation in the near future has been recognized by leading research firms like Gartner and Forrester. Here are some of the top Kubernetes trends in 2024 that you need not miss!

Top 5 Kubernetes Trends

Kubernetes & Edge Computing

There is an actual increase in interest in Kubernetes’ potential as a powerful edge computing solution. It emphasizes how Kubernetes may assist in managing various device clusters outside traditional data centres. Instead, the devices are objects that can be anything, such as smart home sensors, connected cars, etc.

Multi-cluster Kubernetes

The idea of Multi-cluster Kubernetes functions as a practical solution to separate workloads by employing whole different clusters rather than just namespaces. Doing this gives you better performance and security safeguards than you would get from utilizing namespaces alone.

Service Mesh Pivoting Businesses Processes

The expansion of Kubernetes is directly responsible for the increased demand for service meshes. Businesses using Kubernetes see the value of having an unwavering infrastructure layer to manage microservice communication and provide additional control, security, and visibility.

New-age Exemplar

Virtual clusters, the subject of recent research, are a smart way to cut expenses without sacrificing security. The popularity of technologies like ‘Kubevirt’ is anticipated to increase as Kubernetes’ operational costs come under more scrutiny.

Serverless Paradigm

Companies managing multiple applications often face complexity when it comes to transformation. Serverless comes to the rescue as it offers added security over the cloud to support the widespread acceptance of Kubernetes.

These trends are speculative, and the actual trends may differ. It’s always a good idea to stay updated with the latest industry news and insights to have a more accurate understanding of the current Kubernetes trends.


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