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ImpactQA has acquired a popular stature within the space of quality assurance and software testing services. Primarily, this growth can be accredited to the availability of its qualified and experienced team of specialists. Many organizations struggle to maintain their testing activities and look for options to hire QA teams. However, with ImpactQA, the efforts of the dedicated QA team have proven efficient in managing diverse projects with global clients.

When you need to Hire a Dedicated QA Testing Team?

To curb defects; and hence, maintain the quality of the overall development process and solutions

To put in surplus efforts for ensuring success of your business via on-site (office) or remotely managed operations

To acquire workflow transparency with the clients, thereby, adhering to a certain policies that help in streamlining

Role of Dedicated QA Team

The Role of Dedicated QA Team

A dedicated team of QA specialists and testers is known to control testing operations of long-term projects. It is their responsibility to deliver a successful solution to each of the client’s needs and queries. At ImpactQA, the act to hire a testing team starts with sorting every dedicated tester based on several factors including test requirements, test duration, etc. The next step is to allot the chosen quality assurance team to be trained in order to showcase function flexibility and utmost cooperation towards diverse project scenarios.

Our Achievement

What A Dedicated QA Team
Can Deliver to You?

Fully-Oriented Team Control

Regular team access and interaction via PM tools, face-to-face
communication, etc

Knowledge Sharing

On the basis of active projects, the dedicated QA team expands its know-how to proficiently operate the internal team

Fully Dedicated Procedures

The designated team at ImpactQA exclusively works on assigned
projects maintaining a deeper focus on business goals

Budget Planner

Creation of billing model estimates together with monthly
payments for forecasting project costs

Dedicated QA Team

Benefits of Working with our Dedicated Team

Flexible Approach

A developer QA engineer holds the capability to adapt and function in a balanced team

Client Interaction

You can hire QA tester to set up a transparent client environment for streamlining work management

Process Development

The convenience to merge different methodologies to create a well-ad ministered testing environment

Data Security

The benefit to strictly uphold data and information at all levels of the designated project

Quality Review

An all-inclusive project assessment merged with directives on process development

Organized QA Approach

The organized QA approach allows the Development team to build the process faster and fix the critical issues correctly

Industry Recognition & Awards

Industry Recognition &

ImpactQA is widely recognized as a leading software testing
partner for end-to-end digital services


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