5 Core Challenges Associated with Performance Testing

5 Core Challenges Associated with Performance Testing

With the growth and demand of Mobile applications, there is growing competition in the marketplace and performance has a great impact on the app’s reliability and dependability. Therefore, there is a high requirement for performance and load tests with suitable blueprint and execution. In general, performance testing validates the scalability, stability, and speed of the applications. This is significant for providing an ‘Amazing’ and ‘Ultimate’ experience to the users.


What is the Need for Performance Testing?

To ensure the stability, speed, and accuracy of the software.

The Performance test is critical to authenticate the scalability, reliability, and responsiveness features of the software under test.

In software testing, the rapidity and response time of the specific application is one of the vital attributes. The performance testing uncovers the performance hiccups and bottlenecks to uphold the attention and interest of the customer. Such type of Testing falls into several categories like Stress Testing, Load Testing, and Spike Testing to mention a few. JMeter Distributed Testing: Step by step software testing, the rapidity and response time of the specific application is one of the vital attributes.


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Common Performance Hiccups and Glitches for Web & Mobile Apps

• Poor response time

• Memory utilization

• Disk usage

• Poor scalability

• CPU utilization

• Loading Bottleneck

• Extended Loading time

• Software configuration problems for the Web server,

• Operating System limitations

• Load balancers, databases, etc.

• Poor network configuration



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Key Challenges of Performance Testing

A software application should be thoroughly tested with accurate testing processes before releasing to the customers. Like any other testing procedures, this type of testing also comes with a number of Challenges.


ImpactQA - Performance Testing Challenges


1. Lack of Proper Testing Scenario

Performance testing requires you to test the application under reasonable scenarios using performance testing tools. However, lots of times the enterprises do not have the budget or environment for executing the tests. One of the most efficient ways to conduct performance testing is to generate a replica of the production environment. Yet, the challenge lies in getting the proper outcome with limited resources and uneven scenarios. For example, creating a scenario where multiple users log into the system at the same time is hard.

There is countless consideration before moving further on with such type of testing. They comprise:

• Technology

• Protocols

• Browser

• Tool

• Platform

• Budget

• Hardware Requirements


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2. Test Coverage

To design a comprehensive test strategy does require a lot of effort. In fact, you need to identify and setup project risks for deciding different actions to eliminate them. To be precise, the testing process covers the identification of application performance traits, planning of appropriate tests, testing API services, and analyzing whether or not these services are operating as per the test strategy. Lack of creativity at the time of test coverage can directly hamper performance test results.

3. Wrong Selection of Performance Testing Tools

We can see it as a common challenge as in most cases the appropriate performance testing tools are not selected. It needs to be realized that tool selection relies on a number of factors and each one needs to be taken into consideration. In case we select a wrong tool, chosen, it can lead to an extension in testing days in order to properly execute the test scripts. Always remember that the chosen performance tool should be capable of recognizing the controls of the specific application under test.

4. Time & Budget Restrictions

To execute load testing it does require time and budget for achieving satisfactory results. If you are not following proper planning throughout the software development life cycle, there are strong chances your budget resources will face a setback. Hence, dependency on low-skilled resources increases, thereby, adding to the list of challenges in the performance testing projects. 

5. Analyzing the Performance Test Outcomes

This is indeed one of the significant and trickiest of the challenges for Performance testing. A good amount of judgment and thorough knowledge of the system is necessary to examine the several performance result reports besides the tools used for the actual tests. A skilled tester should be able to judge the scenarios and if the test is done or not. The tester should be able to continuously refine the tests and keep adding tests consistent with the situations estimated during the course of time.

The above-mentioned performance testing challenges need not be sidelined but addressed at the earliest. Your performance testing operation for web & mobile apps requires a well-structured strategy that includes the correct selection of performance tools. It is recommended to get in touch with renowned software testing companies like ImpactQA for receiving better information regarding the elimination of severe performance testing challenges.



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