Why Telecom Industry needs Software Quality Assurance?

Why Telecom Industry needs Software Quality Assurance?

The telecom sector has been experiencing stages of development to acclimatize itself as per new trends. New technologies like augmented reality (AR), the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality (VR), and more, demand them to restructure and realign their business strategies as per the cloud era.

The telecom sector mainly comprises set of segments like Internet Service Provider, Satellite Communication, Wireless Communication, etc. To gain a competitive edge, they are focusing on delivering customized solutions to their valued customers and building long-term relationships with them. To meet such requirements, telecom companies must ensure these innovative solutions interconnect seamlessly with current infrastructure and legacy systems.


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Telecommunication Services – Statistics and Facts


  • As per a survey by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the telecommunication industry ranks fourth in the rank as far as spending on IoT technology is concerned. Incorporating software-based updates to their services has been rated as the top business strategy by telecom sectors. Other business advancements are improving customer segmentation, delivering customized marketing campaigns, and providing custom services.

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Core Reasons Why Telecom Needs QA Testing?

  • With the exponential rise in new technologies, the quality and the series of services from internet service providers (ISP) and telecom companies are increasing and profit margins are decreasing. Hence, telecom must take a new look at ICT innovation and adapt their enterprises to digital transformation by managing organizational flexibility. Expert QA providers can assist in effectively testing the operation of the software and systems for delivering the right output.


  • With countless subscribers, a series of new products, and tailored solutions, the operational support services like customer care, order fulfillment, service configuration, and billing are becoming gradually more intricate. Hence, the expense of handling these operations requires resources and distinct tools, thus increasing the financial overhead. Timely testing will help the telecommunication industry to outshine the competition. This brings forth that new products function appropriately and are secure and convenient.


  • One of the most critical areas of the telecom sector is managing the network configuration, network inventory, fault management, and service provisioning. These are some significant support management functions that allow the business to roll on-track. Business Support Systems (BSS) and Operation Support Systems (OSS) support the operation of end-to-end solutions. The testing team can implement the proposed solution; manage the complete process by addressing all the issues.


  • Telecom service providers need to restructure their infrastructure, IT connectivity, and concentrate on offering data and voice services that are reliable and affordable. Network Security has to turn out to be a major priority for this sector as they are encountering challenges with the emergence of new technologies threats. Through the QA and testing team, the vendor will get a well-set quality assurance process and developed solutions that will fit their business.


  • The success of the telecom sector totally depends on how well you keep the customer, which is possible by delivering the service as desired. Customer retention can be achieved by establishing robust back-end software, the customer-facing application that is user-friendly is highly responsive, and has a strong IVR system. QA providers focus on testing all kinds of telecom-related services optimizing time-to-market and reducing customer complaint lists.


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Ensuring Success with Comprehensive QA Solution

As a leading provider of quality assurance services for the telecom industry, we analyze all major operating systems, as well as optimize the testing of operating systems and hardware devices. The benefits of using ImpactQA’s software testing services comprise:

  • Software Testing Test Coverage– Rigorously tests telecom and media applications to ensure compatibility, security, functionality, and reliability.
  • Assurance of QualityDedicated QA experts or SQA engineers can increase comprehensive testing coverage and assure new quality standards.

We also have strong expertise in specialized software testing services for the media domain, such as test automation, usability testing, localization testing, compatibility testing, and accessibility testing built through years of experience working for some leading clients. Our specialized team assists media and telecom companies in developing a great software testing strategy that fits the media and telecom industry ecosystem.

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