Role of Software Testing in DevOps

Role of Software Testing in DevOps

The actual operational definition of DevOps can be presented as an expansion of agile software development. With DevOps, you get to stimulate simultaneous episodes of software development and testing via an uninterrupted partnership among contributors. Looking at the current scenario, the rate of adoption of DevOps has augmented at a global scale. The effectiveness of this DevOps strategy development to improve time to market and responsiveness to customer needs has been the chief motivator  

Currently, the merger of QA testing in DevOps has been readily acknowledged by several technology leaders from around the globe. It not only proves beneficial for bettering business goals but also impacts the development cycle.


Dependability on QA & Software Testing for DevOps

The role of testing in DevOps has several responsibilities that need to be addressed for better insight. Here are a few important pointers you should get familiar with:

  • The inclusion of QA & software testing should be utilized for detecting bugs in the initial stages of the development cycle.
  • QA testing must ensure that the various environments needed for testing processes are standardized and automated.
  • With QA & software testing brought into the picture, bigger problems should be highlighted apart from bug fixes. The act of improving the development process with recommended changes are all part of it.

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QA & Software Testing Practices in DevOps

In the recent past, experts have skillfully concluded some of the best DevOps QA practices, which are advantageous for modern business models. Below mentioned are few of the vital QA & software testing practices in DevOps:

  • The quality of the software product should be well-defined. The QA testing model is expected to primarily concentrate on achieving supreme user experience.
  • The QA and testing teams must be brought in collaboration with the technical teams. Their approach should surpass manual functional testing to mainly focus on automation strategies.
  • It is necessary to optimize the goals of the involved teams with a vision to strengthen quality assurance.
  • QA & software testing approach should be majorly inclined towards automated regression testing of decisive areas.
  • QA’s role in DevOps should push the teams to get readily involved in the overall requirements process for properly guiding the development teams.
  • The sole purpose of QA & software testing is based on supporting the use of automation tools for initiating automation testing.
  • To actively deploy continuous integration, all stakeholders need to combine their work regularly.

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Importance of Continuous Software Testing in DevOps

In order to properly incorporate software testing in DevOps, it is required to structure an automated test process that is capable of offering feedback on a timely basis. For instance, you need to have integration testing present on the build server, along with functional testing with its utmost requirement on the test server. Furthermore, we must also realize the need for deployment testing on the staging server.



Obviously, there are hindrances in the path of a team’s ability for incorporating DevOps. For instance, test automation does take time and it is not practically possible to automate every plausible test. Therefore, you need to structure a well-defined automation strategy. Your automated test development must focus on critical areas such as key functionality. It surely will prove productive to pick out early defects in new code right before automation, since the bugs might pose difficulties during automated test development.

The usefulness of QA to DevOps is seen as a blessing for streamlining the development cycle. With these above-mentioned practices of software testing in DevOps, you can improvise on SDLC to deliver quality products. For gaining enhanced knowledge about this particular methodology, you can reach out to professional DevOps testing company at ImpactQA. Each of your questions can be quickly resolved by these efficient testers at the earliest.


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