Ideal Qualities to Look for in Modern Testers

Ideal Qualities to Look for in Modern Testers

As the space for online environment grows and presents a unique bunch of challenges for software testing experts, the accelerated deployments in agile and devops methodologies are getting more complex and challenging for the testers. This makes it imperative for businesses to be aware of current trends in software testing including best practices in line of security and management.
This brings back the focus on learning new things and up-gradation of technical skills becoming obsolete. A tall task to manage, the tester needs to be able to undertake multitasking such as probing requirements, asking more questions, envisioning product information to remain ahead of the competition and stay relevant.

So to avoid sleepless nights and weekends at work, we at Impact QA have adopted the following best practices to ensure a smooth workflow and maintain highest standards of quality:

Breaking the shackles of classical QA’s role and responsibilities:As a customer facing unit, Impact QA learns about the issues the customers are facing and what features they would want to see in our products. In addition to this our deep domain knowledge and design discussions help us identify flaws before the coding process which in turn significantly reduces development cycles and help us meet customer satisfaction.

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  • DevOps & Agile Methodology:

With over bearing demands of meeting delivery deadlines, testers need to learn Agile and DevOps promoting collaborative and iterative working models. On one hand agile methodology imparts speed to the test projects, DevOps help with cross-functional teamwork straight from the development, analysis and QA.


  • Automation:

Manual testing has become a thing of the past with increasing complexities and integrations. Testers should master automation skills as it imparts higher accuracy and supports specific testing types.

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  • Prioritizing bug fixes based on usage:

It’s not only important to fix bugs but also to understand which bug to prioritize and focus on. For testers this gives a wealth of vital information.


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  • Web & Mobile Technologies:

To understand the built and scalability of the type of application, every tester should get familiar with the web and mobile technologies. For effective QA solutions, it is important for testers to familiarize with mobile and web advancements.


  • SDLC:

Known as software life cycle management skills, they help testers understand the application development tasks and plan testing cycles easily. Development methodologies include:  Waterfall, Kanban, Scrum, Lean etc. which helps testers to understand application complexities well in advance.


  • Social Networking:

With a global reach, social networking provides instant access to discussion forums, resources and content which helps software testers to engage with counterparts, gain new insights and stay updated with the latest information


  • Testing Tools & Techniques:

Regardless of the domain and application type, it is of utmost importance for a tester to be aware of different testing challenges and usage of tools. This ensures smooth functioning of different requirements and complexities of a project.


  • Programming:

For a tester it is advisable to understand at least two programming languages to ensure better application quality life cycle.


  • Communication:

An imperative to succeed in today’s competitive environment, a tester should possess good written and oral communication skills to translate requirement documents to test cases. Irrespective of the experience held, testers should strive to constantly learn and improve their software testing skills and knowledge.

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