How is Drone Technology Effective in Tackling Coronavirus?

How is Drone Technology Effective in Tackling Coronavirus?

In a matter of few months, Coronavirus or COVID-19 has transformed into a pandemic starting its track from China and reaching the United States with a global infected count of 1,018,649 and the death toll rising to 53,281. The foremost steps taken by authorities are to upgrade medical facilities and practice social distancing. These measures have proven effective for China to fight this virus in its 3-4 months of struggle. 

The role of technology cannot be sidelined as it is one of the crucial components used to curb Coronavirus. For instance, the Chinese government has been advising methods to implement drones for providing vital assistance in this alarming situation. Many nations have taken positive out of these experiments and have responded actively to this global health crisis.

At present, both public and private health systems are trying to extend the use of drone technology with a vision to mitigate future chaos due to Coronavirus. Below mentioned are few important ways how drones are proving advantageous in the battle against this rare virus.


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Aerial Disinfection

The sole purpose of using drones was originally to spray pesticides under agricultural applications. However, China adapted well with this technology and started to spray disinfecting chemicals across several public spaces and on prevention vehicles that travelled between infected areas. Since Coronavirus is majorly transmitted through respiratory droplets and can transfer by contact through contaminated surfaces spraying disinfectants is a good way to help reduce virus transmission.

For ensuring a safe model for aerial disinfection operations, several in-bound organizations in China such as XAG Technology, China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association, DJI Agriculture, etc., have joined hands to issue operational guidelines and technical provisions to interact with local authorities. Such measures are essential in streamlining the efforts so that the purpose is served without any hindrance.


Supply Medicines and Test Kits

According to a recent study, it was revealed that the delivery of supplies made using drones can help in covering a larger consumer space in Europe. Interestingly, close to 40 million Europeans will benefit from drone delivery under current circumstances. The correct use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with drone technology is the reason for the success of such operations.

This model has been carefully tweaked and there are test runs to provide Coronavirus test kits with the help of drones. It is simply through the elimination of humans to transport test kits, we get to majorly lessen the tendency for community spreading of Coronavirus. The reduction of human contact is a must and through this technique, it helps to reach out to a vast patient count in lesser time.

A lot of Europeans, Americans, and populations in other infected nations are scared of community transmission and extended quarantine time. Drone technology is a suitable way to effectively curb these scares by the delivery of food, vaccines, and medicines.


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Social Advantages

As analyzed by researchers, the use of drones to transport groceries, medical supplies, etc., in the U.S can enormously benefit the Americans in battling it out with COVID-19. It is highly evident that drone delivery would increase social distancing; hence, reduction in the spread of Coronavirus. Areas that are already marked as high-risk zones for COVID-19 can make the most out of drone services.

Furthermore, the active merger of drones and public health response is a greater benefit to people who reside on the outskirts of major towns and cities. This group can now receive essential groceries and other supplies from stores that are located at a distance from their place. In simple words, drone technology would effectively expand the options related to grocery stores and other important services in remote areas while maintaining social distancing.

Let us see in the coming months how governments and medical authorities across the world inject modern technology to control the spread of coronavirus. This combat against Coronavirus requires a systematic blend of technology and medical assistance. Drone technology has been suitably fed with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other automation upgrades to make it more resourceful. Software testing firms like ImpactQA have been supportive in testing newer AI upgrades and validating their effectiveness by carrying out system checks and corrections.


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