Low-code technology has proven to be a game changer in enabling banks and financial institutions to easily deploy process automation. The rise of digital banking and payment systems represents a significant movement towards digitalization, which is aided by low code.

This whitepaper will shed light on digital transformation in the BFSI sector, which now incorporates less complicated coding and automation approaches that significantly simplify application development. In addition, the usefulness of low code to carry digital banking solutions, neo banks, and BaaS will be highlighted.

The whitepaper is a well collated writeup that talks about:

  • Readiness of the World for New-age Banking & Financial ServicesDigital Transformation in the
  • BFSI Sector using Low Code
  • Introduction to Low Code Automation
  • Benefits of Low Code for Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Low Code Fintech Solutions
  • Shift to Low Code by BFSI Enterprises

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