SQA Consulting

As your software continues to interact with different systems and platforms, methodical quality assurance processes (QA) have become a vital component of the development lifecycle. Poor testing and faulty integration can have a severe impact on a business’ customer relations, partnerships, and the overall company bottom-line. SQA processes allow a business to constantly measure and increase the craftsmanship of their software to guarantee its consistent functionality. ImpactQA incorporates industry-leading techniques that consistently deliver end products that meet the high quality expectations of our clients.

ImpactQA defines the processes, policies, and strategies for establishing standards and tracking development throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC).Our solutions help your business align development processes with your unique business critical values. Adherence to time-tested methodologies results in streamlined planning and a more efficient development process. ImpactQA offers SQA consulting services based on a context driven manner, providing clients with custom, practical solutions to approach their specific challenges.


Why SQA Consulting?

An all-encompassing SQA process should build in defects finding directly from the project planning phase. The proficient and experienced QA teams should dwell on bugs control rather than just detecting them, and repeatedly measuring test effectiveness using clear & concise quality metrics. Software developers, Business Analysts and Project Managers should do their share in set up a solid QA process.

Several enterprises find they cannot establish such an all-round Quality Assurance process using only in-house efforts. The major reasons for this failure are

Hectic efforts to improve SQA
Failure to discover the root causes of evident QA complications
Hectic efforts to improve SQA
Non-Quality Assurance problems like meeting projects’ cost and deadline
Lack of transparency and control
Shortage of time to get the complete overview of the existing QA complexities


SQA Consulting Process

Our QA experts, analysts, and managers help organizations to develop robust testing strategies and follow a comprehensive approach to SQA Consulting. We study, determine, and create a roadmap which meets your requirements.

Step by Step SQA Consulting Process:

Project – Initial Set-up

Our Quality Assurance consulting specialists explore the circumstances in full manner: they examine the relevant documents, analyze through smart approach, and examine the existing SQA procedures.

Risk Analysis and Develop an Action Plan

The expert SQA consulting team determines problems, possible solutions, as well as solution-related threats. After analyzing the risk, the adept team develops the smart plan and presents it to the customer.

Implements the Solutions

Upon the client’s approval, a proficient SQA consulting team implements the proposed solutions, supervises the procedures, prevents possible problems and deal with actual ones (if any). Our expert consultants ensure knowledge transfer to the client’s QA team.

Supervise and Support

Upon the client’s approval, a proficient SQA consulting team implements the proposed solutions, supervises the procedures, prevents possible problems and deal with actual ones (if any). Our expert consultants ensure knowledge transfer to the client’s QA team.


Expertise in QA backed by Domain Knowledge

Information technologies
Health & Wellness
Media and more
Real Estate


Tools we Use

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Our team depends on such tools for servicing a wide range of technologies such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Content Management Systems (CMS), publication software applications, general software products and mobile applications. ImpactQA team is highly qualified and experienced.

Our consultants provide specialized test consulting services for test process improvement, software testing concepts, test management, testing methodology, test execution, and management processes.


Our Engineers Well-Versed in the Latest QA Techniques
Exploratory Testing
Test Case Design
Risk Based Testing
X-Browser Testing
Issue and Defect Management Tracking
Gray-Box Testing
Platform-Specific Testing
Black-Box Testing


Why Choose our SQA Consulting Services?

Our team adheres to industry-leading best practices and frameworks based on proven methodologies. ImpactQA provides services ranging from offshore testing, to on-site testing, as well as exploratory testing for small, medium and large software organizations across the globe. Our comprehensive QA Consulting services strategically cater to the nuances of customer & their distinctive project requirements. The ultimate goal is to help you become autonomous in your testing practices, leading to a cost efficient and profitable road ahead.

Few reasons we have been highly successful in handling outsourced Quality Assurance and testing engagements are:
We work closely with our customers to ensure that transition from the "testing today" to "tomorrow's testing" is seamless in terms of business impact and employee satisfaction
We deliver a series of quality assurance services with a focus on agile testing. We help in implementing source control, build automation & unit testing tools Our QA consultants also help you test for interoperability, reliability, and security, maintainability, and install-ability
We continuously improve the methods and approach used within our customer's IT organization (not just testing)
Our expert team will give you clear understanding of project costs and more precise budget planning
In addition to the above, we can also assist you in determining the software testing techniques and tools that would be the best fit for the specific project

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