Performance Engineering For Building Quality & Performance of Business Applications

World-class capability in performance engineering services comprising a dual-shift approach that supports faster delivery and increased ROI.

Software Performance Engineering Practices to Efficiently Monitor App Behavior

ImpactQA is dedicated towards the offering of performance engineering solutions which comprise of proactive and continuous methods involving end-to-end software performance monitoring services. Our dual-shift approach (shift-left & shift-right) proves helpful for the early detection of system bottlenecks with an aim to improve overall performance.

40% Reduced QA Costs

40% Reduced QA Costs

Automated performance testing merged with efficient IT systems for quick execution of test cases and reduced operational costs

100% Test Coverage

100% Test

Test-driven development, test environment management and static code analysis supporting correct test coverage

Global Delivery Model

Global Delivery

On-shore, off-shore, near-shore and remote service approach to cater to global clients

Faster Time-to-Market


Reduced testing cycle time with the implementation of test automation and reusable test repositories .

Zero Defect Leakage

Zero Defect

Deployment of unit testing automation for nullifying the count of defects found during the SDLC

Performance Engineering Services at ImpactQA

Integration Load<br> Testing

Integration Load

The technique of conducting regression testing centered at production-like end user scenarios.

Early Load Testing

Early Load Testing

Quick identification of load & performance related issues to offer fastrack resolutions.

Unit Testing

Unit Testing

Support developers to identify performance hotspots for maintaining better software quality.

Risk Modeling

Risk Modeling

Determining risks focused at performance architecture and ensuring efforts are properly targeted.

User-Experience Performance Testing

User-Experience Performance Testing

Evaluate the user’s experience related to page speed and offer precise assessment related to web & mobile optimization.

Continual Performance Testing

Continual Performance Testing

As new features are built, testing at each stage with the sole purpose of swiftly discovering performance concerns.

Competency in Performance Engineering

Code-level Performance Testing

Performance testing technique centered at achieving optimization which includes executing tests to fix bottlenecks early at the code level.

Code-level Performance Testing

Predictive Modeling

Predictive Modeling

Analytics or predictive modeling helps to track trends and further conduct preventive actions to eliminate any sort of negative impact.

End-to-End Optimization

Performance engineering service providing end-to-end system optimization with the inclusion of continuous testing & monitoring process.

End-to-End Optimization

Leverage ImpactQA’s Software Performance Engineering Services To Offer A Seamless Experience To Your Users

ImpactQA's Performance Engineering Differentiators

Engineering Practices

Performance engineering company with practical expertise in varied engineering techniques like service virtualization, test automation for UI, and business impact dashboards

DevOps Implementation

Use of performance engineering and DevOps to convey consistent production performance outcomes and ultimately deliver stable software apps

Correct Tool Identification

Identification of the most suitable tools and processes for measuring performance-based improvements

Partnerships & Alliances

Strengthened partnerships with leading performance testing & monitoring tool providers like WebLoad, Apache JMeter, NeoLoad, LoadRunner, Dynatrace, New Relic, etc

Reduced Costs

Availability of automated test pipeline along with test & monitoring tools that help reduce overall costs

Continuous Testing

Evaluating the performance on a regular basis together with monitoring & examining outcomes at the end of the SDLC

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