Security Testing

Efficient Security Testing and Management

Security Testing protects an application against unforeseen actions that cause it to stop functioning or get exploited. Security Testing ensures that system applications in an organization are protected from incoming threats by evaluating potential exploits through accidental or malicious system interactions.

ImpactQA delivers automated, application security testing that accounts for potential threat analysis, suitable testing methods, and dedicated domain expertise. We assist online service providers, website owners and independent software vendors to effectively manage application security risks.

By employing a team of world-class experts who continually refine testing methodologies against security threats, ImpactQAers consistently deliver. We offer a comprehensive range of white, grey, or black-box model security testing based on your stage in the development cycle.

DefCon and BlackHat intensive Security Testing:
  • Observing the latest trends in security risks.
  • Adapting proven methodologies for threats analysis and security assessments.
  • Incorporating best practices for detecting and identifying vulnerabilities.
  • Exploring new automation tools for vulnerability scans and static code analysis.
Our security solutions provide coverage for:
  • Vulnerability Scanning and Assessment.
  • Security Assessments.
  • Penetration Tests.

ImpactQA Security Testing Services, can benefit your software project by utilizing techniques covering broad test coverage, expert and specialized skillsets, and the latest tools and methodologies such as:

  • Automated Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Static Code Analysis

ImpactQA also provides security testing in accordance to proven methodologies, and delivers pre-certification testing for software that requires official certification to industry or general standards.

OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project)

The de facto, globally acknowledged and respected guideline for Web application security.

PCI (Plastic Card Industry Data Security Standard)

Compliance with PCI policies, are a must for solutions involving online payment processing.

ImpactQA offers security testing throughout the software development life cycle and our security testers can be hired at any stage of the SDLC, from Development, to Pre-Production, and actual Production.

ImpactQA provides security testing services that cover a variety of web applications and client-server applications. Our team of experts utilize a comprehensive set of experience in security testing for web applications, product security, line-of-business software, and mobile security for a wide range of business domains.

Some of the domains we cover are:
  • Online Services and Horizontal Portals
  • eCommerce, Payments and Billing
  • eLearning
  • News and Entertainment
  • Games and Gambling
  • ECM and Document Management
  • SLM Systems
  • Collaboration Systems
  • CRM Systems
  • Financial and Accounting Systems
At ImpactQA we believe security is a process, not a product. Our team provides customized security testing that helps organizations deal with immediate security threats to their business operations.