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Security breaches result in information violation and leakages, affecting enterprises in an array of ways, from system downtime to unauthorized use of sensitive data (like personal health records, credit card details, etc.) to monetary fraud and other actions. As technologies continue to progress, new vulnerabilities are discovered at a speedy rate, making information security a serious challenge for organizations worldwide. It is vital to deal with security challenges promptly and proficiently, to avoid the aftermaths, be it the loss of turnover or damaged business reputation. To effectively address our customer’s security testing needs, ImpactQA adopts the current industry standards and seamless security testing methodologies.

Security Testing ensures that system applications in an organization are protected from incoming threats by evaluating potential exploits through accidental or malicious system interactions. ImpactQA delivers automated, application security testing that accounts for potential threat analysis, suitable testing methods, and dedicated domain expertise. We assist online service providers, website owners, and independent software vendors to effectively manage application security risks. By employing a team of world-class experts who continually refine testing methodologies against security threats, ImpactQAers consistently deliver. We offer a comprehensive range of white, grey, or black-box model security testing based on your stage in the development cycle.


Security Testing Expertise

ImpactQA possesses rich expertise in Security Testing of enterprise applications, catering to varied business requirements. ImpactQA Security Testing Services can benefit your software project by utilizing techniques covering broad test coverage, expert and specialized skillets, and the latest tools and methodologies. We have immense experience in serving clients across different industry verticals and companies sizes. Our Web app penetration testing uncovers vulnerabilities in applications and guarantees the application threats are minimized. ImpactQA’s brand differentiators to create a sustainable competitive advantage:

Industry/ Domain specific tests
Professionals have Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Certified Security Analyst (CSA) certifications
World-class experts, all certified Ethical Hackers
Expertise in intrusive tests (DDoS, DoS, etc…)
Finding zero-day vulnerabilities
Manual verification to eradicate false positives
ImpactQA expertise in Security Testing Services


Regulations and Compliance

Attacks have moved from the well-defended network layer to the more accessible Web application layer that people use every day to shop, bank, manage healthcare, pay insurance, book travel and apply to college. As per a study of about 12,186 web applications, 97,554 detected vulnerabilities of different risk levels. About 49% of web applications contain vulnerabilities of high risk level detected during automatic scanning. However, detailed manual and automated assessment method allows detecting these high risk level vulnerabilities with probability up to 80-96%.

Know regulations and compliance to avoid cyber crime vulnerabilities

Application security testing is the detection of exploitable vulnerabilities within software applications. This is divided into two categories:

1. Static Applications Security Testing: (SAST) is a source code and binary code testing technology, which is executed at the design, construction and testing phases of the application life-cycle.

2. Dynamic Application Security Testing: (DAST) is a dynamic Black-box / Gray-box application testing technology, which is executed at the testing and operations phases of the application life-cycle.

We offer comprehensive security testing services including Web Application Penetration Testing, Network Penetration Testing, Network Vulnerability Assessment, and Penetration Testing, Wireless Network Assessment, etc. This practice covers several testing specialists who hold certifications like Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Certified Security Analyst (CSA). Each industry has mandatory standards and regulations, such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS, GDPR, PA-DSS in the financial services, HIPAA in healthcare, etc.


Security Testing Services Overview

We adopt an end-to-end comprehensive security testing approach from uncovering the vulnerabilities, mitigating the security threats, and enhancing the security posture of the products and applications. With in-depth focus on areas like Mobile application security, Network security, Source code review, and Cloud application security, our step-wise security test lifecycle makes your applications or products secure. We have deep expertise in providing Security testing services to our universal enterprise clients.

We provide end-to-end security testing services that cover all client-server, web, and mobile apps:

  • Vulnerability Assessment- Allows identifying vulnerabilities in applications that might lead to compromising of sensitive data
  • Penetration Testing- Fully evaluates a system’s security by simulating actions of a malicious user
  • Security Consulting- Provides ongoing support with all security-related activities
  • Compliance Management- Helps to become compliant with major security standards
  • Security Code Review- Helps developers address the root cause of security problems at the start of and during the application development process


Security Testing Methodology

ImpactQA provides security testing in accordance to proven methodologies and delivers pre-certification testing for software that requires official certification to industry or general standards. ZenQ follows an industry-leading Assessment methodology for Security Testing:

Initial Scoping

Once the initial order has been received, the stage is to carry out the initial scoping. We offer both internal and external assessment as part of the penetration testing service. These can be further broken down into two distinct methods of assessment. These are white box and Black box Testing.

Reconnaissance Phase

Once the scope of the assessment has been agreed, the next step is to carry out the reconnaissance phase. This phase consists of two steps, passive and active information gathering. During this phase we will attempt gather as much information as possible about the target.


Armed with the information gathered through passive and active information gathering. We will now carry out the required assessment. The operating systems and services that were found in the reconnaissance phase are checked against the latest vulnerability databases to ascertain if any vulnerability exists at a host or operating system level.


Once all of the assessment data has been collected, the next phase is to analyze this data and create report for the customer, about the assessment and summarizes the key findings along with the recommendations.


Once the full assessment report created, it is uploaded to the secure document area of ImpactQA. The customer is presented with the reports a week before the follow up meeting is scheduled.


Tools we Use

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