ImpactQA Introduces its Low-code Test Automation Platform ‘FALCON’ – Wrapped with the Power of AI and Self-Healing

ImpactQA Introduces its Low-code Test Automation Platform ‘FALCON’ – Wrapped with the Power of AI and Self-Healing

ImpactQA is thrilled to announce the launch of its Low-Code Test Automation Platform FALCON, a game-changing solution that empowers enterprises to revolutionize their software testing processes and achieve unparalleled efficiency.

FALCON will provide a transformative approach to software testing, enabling both technical and non-technical users to create automated tests efficiently and at speed. The platform offers a user-friendly interface, encompassing drag-and-drop functionality, and a comprehensive library of pre-built test components. With FALCON, we aim to empower enterprises to design and execute robust automated tests, significantly reducing testing time and effort.

“With the introduction of our codeless test automation platform FALCON, we are eager to scale our test automation expertise,” said Jyoti Prasad (JP) Bhatt, the CEO of ImpactQA. He further stated that “while we were actively engaged in the projects, our clients expressed their desire for an automation tool that offers both flexibility and user-friendliness, capable of accelerating the execution of tests. The technological wheel is turning, and we’re working to keep up by leveraging AI to automate tests.”

The low-code test automation platform, FALCON, will aid enterprises in identifying failed test cases that were not executed and automatically generate a regression test plan. It offers the opportunity to reuse existing automation scripts through orchestration and seamlessly integrates with ALM tools such as QC, Jira, and Octane, as well as CI/CD tools like Jenkins and Bamboo. Additionally, FALCON demonstrates its ability to execute test cases at a large scale within the structured test cloud and benefits from contributions and enhancements from the open-source community.

ImpactQA affirms that FALCON possesses the versatility to cater to software applications across various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, banking, finance, e-commerce, logistics, Edtech, and more.


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