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Localization Testing

Software needs to be localized to meet the expectations and the needs of the local audience. Localization testing is one of the software testing techniques to ensure that a globalized software product is readily adaptable to a particular region, locale, or culture settings and environment. Localization testing is critical for assessing a solution’s and its efficacy within a specific culture or locale. Localization can range from a simple process involving a small team of translators, linguists, desktop publishers, and engineers, to a complex operation requiring an automation testing team changing your systems infrastructure to deal with your applications’ user bases.

The acceptance of an application relies on how the users perceive it. The success of any app relies on an application’s capacity to integrate seamlessly with the cultural landscape and native language of the niche market. We, at ImpactQA, are offering impeccable localization testing services for mobile, web, and software localization. We have a dedicated test team that works exclusively on localization testing by leveraging a set of best practices. We specifically perform localization and internationalization testing using localized operating systems in real-world scenarios.


Why Localization Testing is Important?

Conquering a global market is an arduous challenge. It might be possible that a software product meeting the needs of a specific region, territory, or culture cannot stand on the audience belonging to a diverse region or culture. Our skilled localization engineers conduct testing using robust strategies and offer appropriate

Localization testing is significant in a testing process if the program has versions in one or more languages.
Software Testing ensures localized versions are consistent with product and stay tuned to the original brand promise.
Localization Testing guarantees locale-specific characters appear correctly including holidays, numbers, dates, names, salutations and currencies.
Localization and Internationalization occur before testing takes place. Such kind of test discovers any errors or bugs that may have been introduced in these procedures.
Localization errors have a high impact on product usability and can even make a program confusing & good-for-nothing.
Software products being localized should handle complicated characters that could impact factors like misaligned menus, cut off words, etc.
QA teams consider cultural factors like the representation of ethnicity to ensure the audience should feel local. Culture impacts how users response and about the software.
Several software products are released to the global markets simultaneously, for the enhanced feature. Good software testing must ensure high-quality products are launched on time in every country.

advantages_of_localization _testing

Advantages of Localization Testing

Detecting defects in early stage
Launching a high-quality software
Mitigate cultural differences and sensitivity
Win hearts of locals by providing local language support
Ensure high ROI in terms of quality and satisfaction
Gain a competitive edge
Build rapport globally
Hitting the market with the best user experience
Increase brand popularity and strengthen global presence


Localization Testing Process

We impart customized localization testing according to a customer’s specific requirements. Our end-to-end test management platform gives you visibility and access to all localization testing efforts while making communication easy.

We work with clients to shape an approach that aligns intuitively with internal operations based on our industry standards and practices.

Localization Testing Process
Conduct Project Analysis
Set up the Bug Workflow
Define all Test Cases
Conduct Testing
Test Planning
Upgrade Documentation and Translation Memories
Set up Test Environments


Our Localization Testing Services

Our adept and experienced localization engineers conduct testing using effective strategies and detailed QA methodology. To achieve accurate results, we follow all the key considerations of localization testing, such as Testing Scope, Test Case Management, Test Case Development, and Defect Reporting and Mobile Apps Localization Testing.

Functional Testing

We perform functional testing to ensure compatibility with the standards of the targeted audience. Our expert tests every single facet of the software including the text style, fonts, graphics, menu, currency, and several other related parameters.

Linguistic Testing

We assist you to attain error-free language and content for the local version of your software. It ensures that your audience gets a unique experience and the software is satisfactory among all localities.

Website Localization Testing

Our proficient testers ensure that we develop the sites as per the targeted market and users's needs. Validates that the sites are culturally and linguistically compatible and have appropriate keyboard usage, time, date, and more.

Translation Testing

We ensure you get hassle-free translations with the guarantee of translation’s quality and accuracy.
Our Localization & Globalization Testing Services


Why Choose ImpactQA for Localization Testing?

Benefits of Localization Testing Services
We have successfully performed mobile apps localization testing of various applications
We have a dedicated tester team with the deep expertise in comprehensive localization testing
We impart mobile apps localization testing by following customer’s precise requirements
Linguistic testing under software testing ensures software localization along with its globalization
Our proficient team creates real-life test conditions using localized software
We use a unique test automation approach to optimize costs and reduce software testing time
With us ensures high returns in terms of quality and satisfaction
Our test engineers are expert enough in localization testing of different mobile, web, and desktop software products

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