Localization Testing

Expert Locale Specific Localization Testing

Localization testing is critical for assessing a solution’s and its efficacy within a specific culture or locale. Localization can range from a simple process involving a small team of translators, linguists, desktop publishers and engineers, to a complex operation requiring an automation team changing your systems infrastructure to dynamically deal with your applications’ user bases.

Products that are localized for international markets often face domestic competition which makes it necessary for localized products to harmonize easily into the native language and cultural land scape. Years of hands-on experience in a wide variety of products and cultures and counties have allowed ImpactQA to perfect market integration for various languages, cultural shifts, and ethnic tendencies.

At ImpactQA, we perform Localization and Internationalization Testing using localized operating systems in real world scenarios.

We speak your language:
  • Validation of application resources.
  • Verification of the application with localized environments (Windows, MS Office, etc.)
  • Verification of linguistic accuracy and resource attributes.
  • Compatibility with different local standards such as date/time, time zone and currency format, postal codes, telephone numbers, paper format, etc.
  • Consistency checking of printed documentation, online help, messages, interface resources, command-key sequences, etc.
  • Confirmation of adherence to system, input, and display environment standards.
  • User interface usability.
  • Assessment of cultural appropriateness.
  • Typographical errors.
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Alphabetic sorting order.
Impeccable Localization Testing Services
  • Professional Translators
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Experienced Tech Writers, Editors and Proof Readers
  • Content Creation
  • Professional Subject Matter Experts for Multilingual Applications (Web Publishing, Marketing Tools, etc.)
  • Corporate Communication
  • Internal and External Communication Tool Experts
  • Cultural Consulting
  • Localization Project Managers
  • Strategic Planning Expertise
  • Globalization Solutions
  • Transparency Regarding Communication Challenges
  • Software and Web Localization
  • Language and Technical Resources Specific to Customer Localization Needs
ImpactQAers how well a build has been interpreted into a particular target language. We ensure you deliver products that are market specific and are optimized to your target audience’s needs.