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Functional Testing

The threats of launching a new product without quality assurance have high implications because of the varying demands and expectations of the end-users. ImpactQA’s Functional Testing Services guarantee the validation and verification of applications for independent software enterprises and vendors. This ensures that the client application is perfectly tested following the set parameters, defined specifications, and objectives. ImpactQA engages with clients in distinct phases of the life cycle to align the testing goals against the business objectives. Our professionals are adept at performing effective compatibility testing, error-free integration, and improved reliability of applications.

ImpactQA offers different services for testing software applications and systems. We offer customized test plans & make a robust approach, which ensures that we align all the functional testing solutions to meet their parameters. Our testing specialist has the knowledge and expertise to perform functional testing as a part of the quality assurance of your project. With qualified and expert testers on board, ImpactQA guarantees quality software products through its functional testing solutions despite the present & future threats involved.

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Best Practices in Functional Testing

Our testing experts are trained to employ business-standard test techniques. Some techniques adopted by our teams to conduct functional testing include:

  • Prioritized testing
  • Business flow matrix
  • Equivalence partitioning and boundary value analysis
  • Exploratory testing
  • Traceability matrix
  • Risk-based testing


Why Functional Testing

Functional testing is significant to ensure that a product or feature will function appropriately for users. It is a type of GUI (Graphical User Interface) test executed on a complete, integrated system. Functional testing comprises effective validation and examination of every feature and function of a software product. Function testing also plays an imperative role to minimize hidden defects; they include requirement-based, usability, functionality, and compatibility testing.

The key purpose of Functional Testing is checking the software system’s functionality. It mainly concentrates on the following.

  • Mainline Functions: Test the chief functions of an application
  • Accessibility: Check the system’s accessibility for the user
  • Usability: Involve usability testing of the system & ensures whether a user can freely navigate through different screens with no complexities and issues
  • Error Conditions: Usage of testing methodologies to test error situations. It checks whether proper error messages or glitches are displayed


Our Functional Testing Services

Our QA teams are expert in offering prominent functional testing services across varied verticals & for various platforms like the desktop, mobile, cloud & web services testing. Our smart testing approach is perfectly structured & leverages upon well-proven business standards. The range of our services to test the functioning of your software applications is as follows.

Manual and Automated Testing
Data Verification Testing
Business Process Testing
Requirements Ambiguity Testing
Performance and Load Testing
Business Acceptance Testing
Smoke and System Integration Testing
Regression Testing


Functional Testing Process

ImpactQA has the excellence to manage the astounding task in functional testing to make the process flawless and fault-free. Testing objectives are defined at every single stage, including test engineer and project manager level, which guarantees success. We have the expertise and proficiency to understand software applications and craft a plan that complies with client’s needs. Our logical and scientific method helps us to draft all dependencies and deliverables. With our clear, transparent, and flexible approach, we can adapt rapidly to tailored specifications and deliverables. We have been winning customer confidence through proactive communication through diverse mediums round-the-clock.

Test Closure

Test Execution

Test Design

Test Strategy

Requirements Management

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Functional Testing Framework

ImpactQA’s testing experts brings comprehensive experience across technologies and domains. We have used a 4-pronged approach which involves choosing the right techniques, enablers, tools, and reporting models to discover defects at early stage in the test life cycle and speed up the time to market. We conduct functional testing using an analytics-driven regression approach.


Functional Testing Benefits

We formulate a strong approach and custom test plans to ensure we meet all prerequisites. Our functional testing benefits are mentioned below.

Improving an end-user experience by omitting flaws and detecting bugs in the software
Comparison of the results data of the software test cycle with the expected behavior
Monitor how two distinct functions in the same app is affecting each-other
Check the functional behavior after integration of every single component in the application
Discover the threats between back end & front end interactions
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Tools we Use

ImpactQA offers dedicated functional testing solutions using industry-leading best practices and tools. We are skilled enough in using a variety of open source and licensed tools, which helps reduce the software testing cost. We can help you take full benefits of these tools to increase your ROI with them.

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Benefits of Functional Testing Services | ImpactQA


Why Choose ImpactQA?

ImpactQA has performed regression and functional testing for various clients across different domains.

Fast Results

Our managers and test engineers are well-trained to discover serious functional defects; they know potential problem areas and common weaknesses in the functionality of different software products.

Detailed Useful and Informative Error Reports

Our QA team provides detailed and informative error reports that help in determining the roots of the reported defects.

Automation of Repeatable Tests

Specialists of our software testing company perform functional testing services manually, but our experts are always prepared to automate repeatable tests. With our transparent approach & through proactive communication, we have been winning client confidence through different mediums round-the-clock. We offer trustworthy automated and manual functional testing solutions within the specified time and budget.

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