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SAP Testing Assets

Advanced tools and knowledge for superior testing

Optimized SAP Fiori

Best user experience with integrated tools like qTest and Tosca

Expert RDBMS Management

We expertly manage your ERP's complex relational database

Dedicated SAP Test Center

Top-tier SAP testing solutions from our experts

Top SAP Success Factors

World-claas SAP testing for all your business needs

Seamless EHPs/Upgrades

Trust us for smooth integration across all versions

Model-Based Testing

Our model-based approach provides increased test coverage and easier test maintenance

SAP Hybris Expertise

Deep expertise in omni-channel
e-commerce and content management

ImpactQA has earned a shining reputation of being a global provider of state-of-the-art software testing and consulting services. Our AI-based automation merged with quality engineering, continuous testing, and cloud migration SAP testing reflects a dedicated service approach. With over a decade old experience in QA and testing, we help enterprises reinvent themselves on the technological front. The team at ImpactQA applies both domain-specific and client-oriented processes with advance tool expertise to deliver reliable and quality solutions, thereby, navigating the client’s digital transformation journey.


QA Teams


Reduced Regression Test Cycle


Domain-Specific Automation Framework



Our Unique Offering: Six Phase S/4HANA QA Assessment Approach

  1. Assessment and Critical Analysis Phase: Evaluate current systems to identify deficiencies and risks. Using advanced analytics, our experts uncover root causes and critical pain points, delivering a comprehensive report with necessary improvements and strategic recommendations

  2. Prioritization and Planning Phase: Develop a detailed roadmap to prioritize testing efforts based on business impact and urgency. Effectively allocate resources to high-risk areas, with clear timelines, milestones, and responsibilities to ensure timely delivery

  3. Validation and Strategy Creation Phase: Design robust and tailored testing strategies aligned with business goals and system requirements. Validate these strategies through rigorous scenario analysis, stakeholder feedback, and iterative testing cycles

  4. Test Suite Revision and Implementation Phase: Revise test suites to incorporate new cases and best practices. Implement using advanced tools, automation technologies, and methodologies for maximum efficiency, with continuous updates reflecting system changes

  5. Execution and Performance Assurance Phase: Execute rigorous tests to validate system performance, functionality, and security under various conditions. Use performance monitoring tools to identify bottlenecks and optimize efficiency, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations

  6. Reviewing, Monitoring, and Maintenance Phase: Implement continuous monitoring to detect and resolve issues in real-time, ensuring long-term stability. Regularly review and update test cases to adapt to evolving business needs, with documentation and ongoing support ensuring sustained performance

Why Choose ImpactQA

ImpactQA is a leading independent software testing company. We have helped 250+ clients to navigate their digital assurance services. With nearly a decade of experience in providing software testing services to SME’s and Fortune 500 companies, we expertly embark our clients through their digital journey. We do it by enabling the enterprise with cloud innovation, IoT enabled test labs, test automation, performance engineering and continuous testing with agile digital at scale.



Reduced QA Cost

QA Cost


10x Quality, Speed & Performance

IoT Enabled Cloud Labs

IoT Enabled
Cloud Labs

QA Team Augmentation

QA Team Augmentation

Same Time Zone Alignment

Same Time Zone Alignment


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