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Customized and Standardized DevOps Testing Services

Traditionally, IT companies have been staffed with manual testers and a partial number of performance and automation engineers. To keep pace with growth and development in the new “you build it, you own it” environs, testing experts and teams develop new technical skills and embrace coding to add greater value to the business. Within a fast-paced environment, it is important to ‘fail fast’ by adopting an approach of the ‘Shift left’. With a short testing window, it’s significant for the expert test team to deliver quality with speed and start early to move at an equal pace as the rest of the teams. This can be achieved by continuous collaboration and integration among the development, testing and operations team. 


Some of the key aspects that help achieve DevOps and Digital QA

Quick feedback and quality releases to production

Continuous collaboration between developers, testers and operations team

Cloud-based support for application development and infrastructure

Quick deployments on multiple environments and platforms

Advanced approach highlighting small, fast, iterative development and deployment of apps

ImpactQA, with its matured DevOps and Agile QA practices and wide-ranging experience of test and lifecycle automation, assists enterprises build the right QA competences for Agile and DevOps.


ImpactQA Test Center of Excellence

Assessing DevOps Maturity Model

Evaluating the current state, processes, and tools used based on DevOps Maturity Model. Therefore, highlighting the key risks and mitigating factors to adopting devOps

Continuous Monitoring

Closely monitors the performance and suggest improvements for the devOps implementation

Customized Report

One-Click solution to deploy build & execute diverse types of tests such as smoke, regression, acceptance, performance and customized report generation

Implementing DevOps in QA

Evaluating and providing best practices to standardize the processes, frameworks, and tools to implement devOps

Continuous Integration

Continuous integration and deployments using delivery pipelines

End-To-End Automation Solution

Supporting local and various cloud-based environments

DevOps Solutions

Support devOps solutions on private, public or hybrid cloud

Tools and Technologies

Customized support for various tools and technologies required to implement devOps


Implementing DevOps: Our Approach

Understand the existing processes and the problem statement
Identify scope (tests) and test environments for build execution
Recognizing the best-suited tools and technologies
Identifying and implementing code analysis and code coverage tools
Developing a test strategy and to keep a track of the progress
Automating deployments supporting various environments
Automation testing solution across multiple platforms using various tools & technologies
Supporting parallel executions to reduce the overall testing efforts
Reporting and fixing critical defects before go-live
Documentation support


Tools and Technologies

DevOps tools and technologies


Why Choose ImpactQA?

Our solution helps clientele achieve customer delight through the quality process, incremental development & speedy deployment of features into production
Our constant implementation process, tools, and frameworks delve into the devOps system
As an industry leader in DevOps Testing Solution, we give holistic agile and devOps adoption services across varied domain segments
We have certified DevOps experts with an expertise in executing advanced automation frameworks

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