Ensuring Business Continuity and Employee Safety in Covid-19

Using our Technology Prowess to Combat COVID-19

Disruptive innovation has always been a key strength, allowing ImpactQA to deliver digital transformation across the testing ecosystem. These critical times have disrupted almost every industry but we stood strong to keep the trust of our clients surging in the unprecedented times. With the enforcement of social distancing, periodic lockdowns and new work normal, several industries are cutting back on their digital workforce, but ImpactQA is building the talent in the critical times of Covid-19.

We deeply understand the challenges Covid-19 has brought on people, businesses and communities but we are focusing on the safety of our employees and diligently meeting all our delivery commitments. The need of the hour is not just to sustain business continuity, but to provide unparalleled quality services. We’ve been monitoring the virus-mitigating actions and focusing on employee safety and business resilience throughout this crisis which resulted in zero cases in our office. With social distancing mandates in our office, ImpactQA’s leadership team is able to work tirelessly to reduce health disparity and minimize business interruptions.

ImpactQA Covid-19 Guidelines


Does your company have a business pandemic plan to combat the COVID-19 situation?

ImpactQA has always given a free hand to its employees and encouraged them to work from home till the situation gets normal and they are taking the necessary measures to serve our clients the way we have been doing all these years.

Do you have business continuity plans in place in the case of office closures?

Yes, we want to provide 100% guarantee to our clients that our organization has had an extensive business continuity plan right from the beginning of the situation.

Do you face any concerns if your staff is unable to access their local office for a longer period?

Being a global software testing company, we have designed our structure to ensure that our services remain delivered to our clients during unprecedented  times, including the COVID-19 pandemic. Our business continuity plan (BCP) is testament to our clients that we have open digital platforms to communicate with our customers, employees and partners.

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How can I get updates on COVID-19 from ImpactQA?

We will be constantly making amendments on this page with the latest guidelines provided by WHO and other trusted sources.

What precautions has your organization taken to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 spread?

We have strictly advised our employees to work remotely and keep themselves safe from stepping out of their homely place. We have made the offices open for leadership teams who have something important to strategize and put a hold on all domestic and international business travels. We are doing our bit to minimize the impact of the outbreak and monitoring every potential vulnerability from COVID-19. We are continuously following the guidelines shared by WHO (World Health Organization) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Can you please share any amendments in the event of a concern impacting your staff’s ability to work?

Our professionals are available 24*7 to help our clients navigate the power of digital experience even in unexpected situations like Covid-19. You can reach out to us https://www.impactqa.com/contacts

Below mentioned is the important information:

  • Email ID: solutions@impactqa.com
  • New York Headquarter: T:+1(646) 472-5215

 What are your plans for resources already deployed with your clients businesses in the respective countries/locations?

Since traveling is restricted in many parts of the world due to Covid-19, employees who are providing on-site/onshore services and driving clients’ businesses from a different location are suggested to work from their current location. We are trying our best to help them tackle the situation by frequently communicating with them.

If your team needs any extra support or resources then our highly skilled talented professionals are ready to help you through these difficult times. We will continue to deliver quality services and help your business to sustain through this unprecedented situation.


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