Why Security Testing is Significant?

Why Security Testing is Significant?

Hundreds of thousands of applications have come up in the market, but only a few are protected with up-to-date security methods. Security testing services are important to ensure that an application once downloaded does not stop while functioning. Client information is confidential, but having loopholes in the application can mean that private information of the client can be leaked out, which will result in losing clients and further legal action from the client’s side may result in complete bankruptcy. Hence, another important aspect as to why security testing services are important is because it mitigates the chances of having confidential information leaked out to an all-time high.

ImpactQA offers a reputed security testing service in the market. We deploy experts who use state-of-the-art tools, technologies, and methods keeping in mind the modern threats and cyber attacks that pose a problem to emerging businesses and entrepreneurs. Our team of experts will cater to your demands individually and provide a solution based on your business’s need. We provide two types of testing services in security for applications:

  1. Static testing
  2. Dynamic testing.

Even though every business’s requirement will be unique, as a general approach we’ll talk to you about ports that are open and vulnerable to intrusion from attackers. The numbers of manual and automated attacks are on the rise these days. URL manipulation, session fixation, and brute force attacks are only a few to name. In an assessment called the vulnerability test, we’ll locate vulnerabilities in your application and strategize a way to ensure that it is not open for exploitation from outside attackers. Using the N-Map tool we can locate open ports in your application and help you protect the same.


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In another attempt to protect your application, we may also apply penetration testing. For the same, our team of experts will be replicating the attack that a hacker might use to attack your open port and report the findings back to you in an attempt to ensure that your application is safe from all possible attacks. In the end, we’ll provide a summary and recommendations on how to correct the bugs that were found to make sure that your application is equipped with the best security service.

Security Testing Methodology
Security Testing Methodology

In conclusion, security testing is a very crucial aspect of testing an application because of the following reasons:

1.It is required by the payment card industry to have security testing done as it deals with sensitive information.

2.Clients put in confidential information on the website and failure to protect the same does not only put the client’s trust in the company in jeopardy but also sends out a bad name for the company.


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3.It is cost effective to have bugs fixed initially than to have them fixed once the application is running.

ImpactQA’s security testing service team will help you in making your application safe from any attacks from hackers, protecting confidential client data, and making sure that the application doesn’t stop working while it is in use. Having client’s trust, support and further recommendation will help in having a good name for the company, and in return secure more clients; ideally helping you scale your application and business to new heights.


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