6 Steps to Choose a Software Development Company

6 Steps to Choose a Software Development Company

Choosing the right software development company for your future projects is one of the most crucial tasks of an enterprise, as this can directly influence the output you produce in the market.

But, before even you begin your hunt for your most suitable developing partner, it’s good to have clarity over your own future project requirements. Planning fields like goals and objectives of your company, software, and hardware to be used, total budget, manpower, etc is essential.

Once you are clear with your project specifications, you are all set to look for a suitable software development company that matches you.

Now, with more than 100,000 small and large-scale software development companies around the world, how do you find your perfect fit? This write-up will walk you through a step-by-step process to zero down your search for your ideal software development company.


Size Matters

Choosing a company identical to the size of yours is essential for a firm to identify with your goals as it directly impacts the way you will be treated as a customer.

A firm bigger than yours may not take your projects seriously and a firm too small may not have enough resources to fulfill your project requirements. Both ways your project results may get impacted by the choice of your software company.

Hence your first step would be to look for a company with matching manpower and an optimum annual funding budget, preferably similar to yours.


ImpactQA - Selection of Software Development Company

Check for Reviews

Once you’ve looked for a company with your ideal size, the next step is to check for that company’s ranking on trustable company review websites like Clutch.co and UpFirms. Check for the customer testimonials posted on the review pages. You can even try connecting with them personally to get more clarity over their past projects.


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Consider Your Geography

Though your tech projects can be successfully delivered regardless of where the company is headquartered, having a company near your office location can have its own set of benefits.

In cases where the geographical location of your company is in areas that lack skilled developers, your outsourcing budget can take a toll. That’s where ‘nearshoring’ can come as a rescue option for your company.

The moment you decide to outsource your software development needs you to have three options available for you to explore

  • Onshoring— For example, your company is in South Korea and you hire a company in South Korea
  • Offshoring— For example, your company is in the USA and you hire a company in North Korea
  • Nearshoring—For example, your company is in Germany and you hire a company in Poland


Ask for Blind CVs

Post shortlisting with reviews and locations, you can go further to ask for working testimonials of experienced developers from the software development company you choose, along with a brief of the projects they have delivered in past for a specific field of technology that you require i.e. web developers,  Mobile apps, IoT testing services, etc.

That way you have clarity over who will be handling your project. This will also help your company have direct communication with your developers in the future.


ImpactQA- Software Development Partner Company


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Tech-Check for Partner Company

The technology stack is what you need to take into consideration while searching for a potential company that can be your ideal fit. You can take a look at the top software development companies to analyze each of their company websites. It will give you a brief idea related to the kind of businesses the leading companies are in. Websites, where too many technical services are mentioned, should ring a bell for you, as it’s practically impossible for a company to have these many experts unless it’s a giant boss.

An advanced study of your company’s project requirements can come in handy for this step. If you’re well aware as a customer as to what technologies you may require in your projects, you may directly look for a company with expertise in that specific skill and further go onto doing an in-depth study of their available developers.


Close with the Best Deal

At this stage, you may have zero downed your hunt for the perfect software developing company to three or four options. Now is when you can practically reach out to them once you have all the working testimonials of their past or current projects (i.e. the ones you can see on their websites or other ranking pages). Ask for opinions from other developer communities and finalize with the one you get the best deals from. Look for companies that offer maximum flexibility to choose your payment plans.

There’s a lot to consider before you choose your ideal software development company but briefly, the above-mentioned steps can help you where to start and how to approach this business problem. The key is to know where you stand in terms of available monetary and technological resources before beginning and then look for the company you wish to work with.


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