Automation Testing

Automated Testing Solutions

Software bugs are expensive. Fortunately, quality assurance testing has become an effective approach for avoiding bug-related issues. Companies embarking on a software project need to implement an effective and comprehensive testing strategy to avoid setbacks.

Adequate testing ensures key applications maintain functionality even after necessary maintenance, new developments, and necessary software upgrades. ImpactQA uses a variety of testing techniques to avoid costly future issues and defects, one of the key technique being the automation testing.

Automated testing is a repeatable, accurate, and efficient methodology. Being one of the most reputable QA automation testing agencies in New York, our approach utilizes a superior testing strategy that, within days, starts to improve the software quality and reduces the development time.

ImpactQA’s Test Automation Competency

At ImpactQA, we focus on the use of latest tools and technologies and our skilled automation engineers use our proprietary automation frameworks to deliver quick results to our customers

ImpactQA’s Test Automation Advantages:
Reduced Execution
Time And Cost

Automated tests execute much faster and can run unattended, which saves valuable time and personnel costs.


Repetitive tests can be pre-set, so testers can focus on testing new features within shortened time frames while codebases are updated over elongated development cycles.


Regression Tests can be executed with every release to ensure future code releases stay bug-free.

Increased Effectiveness
of Manual Testing

By saving testers from repetitive and dull tests, test automation liberates them to use their creativity, knowledge, and instincts to discover more crucial issues.

ImpactQA offers dedicated software test automation using industry-leading best practices, tools and technologies. We offer a wide range of technology approaches to achieve test automation targets beyond the standard objectives such as performance, API testing, and reports, to troubleshoot issues.

Our results-driven approach targets strategic and operational objectives. ImpactQA also provides full-scale test automation processes from scratch and ad-hoc automation tasks to improve existing testing processes. ImpactQA’s solutions help companies reap the benefits of automation at a faster pace and in a more effective manner.

ImpactQA’s Test Automation strategies are designed to cover key business scenarios for your business applications. We ensure your development process is uninterrupted by changes that can negatively impact the functionality and solution architecture. We do so by automated regression test automation of your web and mobile applications.

A time-tested automation strategy

At ImpactQA, we focus on increasing ROI with our solutions. We do this via tight integration with the development cycle for agile execution.