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Streamline your Testing Process with API Testing Services

APIs (Application Programming Interface) are the building blocks that form a significant link in today’s interconnected world of applications, programs, servers and websites. An API at its core is a formal specification that acts as a guaranteed contract amid two distinct pieces of software. It also standardizes and streamlines the flow of “computer speaks” information and enables Internet of Things (IoT). The importance of APIs is that it allows diverse organizations create software apps that rely on other app & services without having to continuously or regularly update their app when the internals of the dependent apps or services change. As long as the Application Programming Interface remains stable, User Interface and internal implementation can change. This is the noteworthy feature of Application Programming Interface, they consist of a part that does not change – “the interface or contract” that indicates the behaviors, operations, and data formats and the execution that can change as needed.

Test Automation development for API requires less code than the complete GUI based automation thus giving quick results and best functional test coverage. The outcome of testing is a reduction in overall test costs. Testing the Application Programming Interface level functionality of the app gives an early evaluation of its overall build strength prior to running GUI tests. Early detection of bugs and errors reduces the chances of higher manual testing cost. API test automation also increases the scope and depth of the tests.

At ImpactQA, we offer complete API testing solutions to address both functional and non-functional requirements and API validations to guarantee maximum test coverage, lessen complexity, and increase performance with highest data security. Our team of adept and professional QA architects and engineers will come on board with a customized, fully-packed API testing framework to easily integrate with your continuous delivery pipelines and start delivering profit in few days. We ensure enduring product quality &client trust by covering every single bases of potential software failures.


Commonly Used API Automation Testing Tools

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ImpactQA offers Unparalleled API Testing Services

Agile Environment

Delivering continuous integration and quality in the agile environment


Specialized tests which involves diverse security checks like authentication, penetration testing, encryption, and access control


For validation of performance and functionality for the API layer under different levels of user/ transaction load

Unit Testing

To check and ensure the functionality of individual APIs

Runtime Error Detection

Implementation of Manual/ Automated testing to recognize problems, like exceptions & resource leaks

Usability Testing

Comprehensive testing of the complete system using the APIs


To test end to end functionality of the Application Programming Interface layer. Customized API automation framework takes care of testing all the end-to-end flows and providing quick feedback by integrating with the CI/CD pipelines

API test automation and API mock tools allows you to test in parallel with development. At ImpactQA, our expert QA team can cover the most frequently called Application Programming Interface functions by logging the calls for every API function.


Our Test Approach for API Testing

With the growth of SAAS and Cloud, API testing has become even significant. At the present different systems need to talk to one another, but also be isolated in their individual areas. Application Program Interfaces (API) testing offers innumerable rewards to a more traditional automated or manual UI approach. Safety from malicious code

API testing necessitates extraordinary situations and inputs, which protects the app from malicious code & breakage. In essence, API testing push software to their connective limits. API tests help eliminate vulnerabilities. Access to App without user interface

The key benefit of API testing is that it gives access to app without users have to interact with a potentially disparate system. This helps the API tester to notice and identify the errors in the early hours, instead of them becoming big issues during GUI testing. Less time consumption

It is far more less time consuming than functional & validation tests which means shorter time to market, shorter release cycles, faster feedback and better adaptation to user needs. Higher Performance

Prevent tech glitches and bottlenecks as your application user-base grows, all while delivering a seamless end-user experience.


Types of APIs we Test

TCP / IP Sockets
RPC – Remote Procedure Call
CORBA – Common Object Request Broker Architecture
RMI & EJBs – Java Remote Method Invocation and Enterprise Java Beans
DCOM or Active X – Microsoft Distributed Component Object Model
Web Services – REST & SOAP

Hence, Automation API Testing plays a very important role when there is a requirement of agile development process. With the right expertise and tools it can supplement testing efforts and contribute additional supports to your testing goals. Some of the pinnacle API testing tools which we use for our customers are, JMeter, Rest-Assured, SoapUI, Postman, Runscope, etc. The bottom line is that API testing offers crucial benefits to a more traditional manual or automated UI approach. At ImpactQA, we simplify the complexities by offering an end to end API Testing service. Contact us now!

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