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Accessibility Testing

It is a social responsibility to provide the perfect accessibility of software application to the differently-abled populations. ImpactQA ensures this by providing service across WCAG guidelines which are published by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium to provide the best coverage in terms of accessibility testing quality. It is the only approach you can know for assured that your website, app, multimedia or electronic document is accessible to people with impairment. Usually, people with disabilities use convenient technology which helps them in operating a software product.


Accessibility Testing Competency

An accessible Web can also assist people with disabilities keenly participate in society. As Technology is making new roads with different domains, it is very essential to make the product easily accessible for one and all. It also makes it easy for an organization to build brand value and customer satisfaction/experience.

About 20% of the population suffering from various kinds of disabilities like vision impairment or loss, hearing impairment or loss, cognitive impairment or even literacy impairment. Government agencies all over the world have come out with legalization, which necessitates those IT products to be available by disabled people. Since in few countries, the government has mandated the website to abide by accessibility guidelines: WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 & Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1), US Section 508 Standards & EN 301 549 standards. Thus, the need for Accessibility Testing increases.


Accessibility Testing Includes

Keyboard access
Skip navigation
Line response
Error messages on form pages
Alternate text
Large fonts
Timed response

We at ImpactQA, help our customers to overcome 70-75% of the Web Accessibility while ensuring WCAG and various compliances (US Section 508 and ADA Americans with disabilities).

Accessibility Testing while ensuring WCAG and other compliances


ImpactQA Test Approach for Accessibility Testing

Initial Evaluation of the Application

ImpactQA approach will be to test the application by page wise. Thus, we will prepare an exhaustive checklist/matrix as per standards, after analyzing the application.

Testing with Assistive Technology

Assistive technology is used by differently abled people in order to perform functions that might otherwise be difficult or impossible. Thus, we hire a team as per requirement (specially abled, etc).

Adept QA professionals

Created the team of special QA professionals (Visually impaired and color blinded ) who conducted the special test.

Special Tools

Carried out Accessibility Testing using the combination of Manual techniques and (semi) Automation tools like ATRC Web Accessibility Checker.


Time-Tested Accessibility Testing Process

ImpactQA follows several test procedures to perform Accessibility Testing as per the latest industry standards:

Setting up a test environment which is designed after analyzing/prioritizing customer need
Identification of the tool and its requirement after interaction with the client and the testing team
Execution of tests based on accessibility guidelines
Analyze the results and provide a list of deliverables such as summary report, VPAT report, etc
Time-Tested Accessibility Testing Process

ImpactQA possesses expertise in testing on a wide range of industry-leading tools for ensuring quality in terms of accessibility testing.

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Benefits of Accessibility Testing

Can cater to a wider market for Disabled People
Can provide better Search engine Optimization
Can avoid Discrimination and Legal Complications
Benefits of Accessibility Testing Services

Accessibility testing incredibly simply explains how easily one can navigate, access and understand software. At ImpactQA, we have established an exceptional accessibility testing service model, which counts testing compatibility with WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and standards ensuring ease of access for people with disabilities and guaranteeing usability for everyone.

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