Why Security Testing is important for Real Estate Tech Companies?

Security Testing in Real Estate Companies

Data Security is of supreme importance to users, and even more to Real Estate Tech companies. In the context of global business, convenience of data from anywhere at any point/ moment can pose challenges to companies doing business in different geographies. Organizations are realizing the necessities to make noteworthy investments in their data protection systems and Security Testing has become inevitable to safeguard their confidential and sensitive data. Now the question is why is Security Testing significant? A comprehensive security testing framework manage validation across every single layers of an app. Starting with evaluation and analysis of the security of the application’s infrastructure, it moves further wrapping the database, network, and app exposure layers. Although app and mobile testing serves to assess security at these levels, cloud penetration testing depicts the security gaps in the armour, when the app is hosted in the cloud.

These testing criteria make use of a mixture of automated scanner tools that assess lines of code for security inconsistencies and penetration testing that simulates attack by unintentional access channels. Vulnerability assessment forms a significant element of security testing. Through this, the company can assess their application code for vulnerabilities and take corrective actions for the same. In recent times, several software development enterprises have been making use of secure SDLC (software development life cycle) methods to ensure detection and rectification of vulnerability areas early on in the app development procedure. The significant purpose is to discover the vulnerabilities, and afterward repairs them. The 6 essential security concepts are:

  • Authentication – Establishes the user’s identity
  • Confidentiality – Information should be available to merely those with authorized access
  • Authorization – User should receive a service or perform an action for which he has permission
  • Integrity – A measure intended to permit the receiver to find out that the information which it is providing is right
  • Non-repudiation – Prevent later denial that an act happened
  • Availability – Information & communication services be supposed to be prepared any time, as required

How does Security Testing add value to Real Estate Tech companies?

In today’s modern era with consumers depending excessively on online channels to make transactions, any safety breaches, however minor or major, lead to loss in customer confidence and eventually returns. Besides, the security threats have also grown exponentially, both in excellence & impact potential. In such circumstances, security testing is the only route that assists an organization identify and scrutinize where they are vulnerable and take the corrective actions to control as well as rectifies the security gaps. More and more Real Estate start-up companies are getting the security audits done and testing measures to make certain that their mission i.e. critical apps are shielded from any breaches or unplanned penetration. The more extensive the company’s security testing approaches are, the superior are its chances of succeeding in a progressively more threatening technology scenario.

Data security measures enable an organization to avoid the pitfalls arising from accidental disclosures of sensitive data. Many times, such leakages cost organizations dearly, on account of legal complications arising due to sensitivity of information. Data security measures reduce the compliance cost by simplifying data audit mechanisms and automating them. They also enable the organization to ensure integrity of data by preventing unauthorized usage and modifications. In today’s well connected world, adoption of robust data security processes and methodologies also ensure that the organization is well aligned to the legal and compliance standards across countries – a key decisive factor when it comes to operating across continents.

Final Verdict

Above all, Security Testing helps Real Estate Tech companies to ensure that their sensitive data is not subjected to any violation, destruction, and breach. Every Real Estate company is different in its own infrastructure and related risks that require an in-depth analysis. Security testing practices like vulnerability scanning, security assessment, risk assessments, and penetration testing can be used to discover threats to data security and avert them. ImpactQA offers delivers automated, application security testing that accounts for potential threat analysis, suitable testing methods, and dedicated domain expertise. We assist online service providers and website owners to effectively manage application security threats to ensure an organization’s reputation, customer confidence, privacy of sensitive data, and also trust. It offers an exhaustive security analysis supported by broad reports and dashboards along with corrective measures for the data security challenges. Protecting Real Estate Tech Company’s valuable Information helps in keeping ahead of rival competitors results in expansion of the business into new markets.

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