Why Hire ImpactQA

A Partner, not a Vendor

ImpactQA’s attention to detailed processes, strict adherence to international standards, and fully transparency speak for themselves. Numerous industry awards and international recognition as one of the world’s leading enterprise software testing firms hasn’t hurt either.

Our testing methods focus on the prevention and early detection of errors, as well as traditional methods of testing for defects at a later stage. This proactive approach allows our clients to reduce Total Cost of Quality and thereby, Total Cost of Ownership. Outsourcing testing assignments to ImpactQA has enabled our clients are able to reduce costs by as much as 30-60% over the long-term development and maintenance of their enterprise IT systems.

Foundational principles:
  • Agility through flexibility, cooperation and responsiveness.
  • Transparency and control through mature and experienced experts
  • Consistent and direct communication and a thorough commitment to team management.
  • Seasoned professionals with pedigreed technical backgrounds and extensive project experience.
  • Cross-Product and Domain-Specific Knowledge through multiple vertical-specific projects.
ImpactQA doesn’t have clients, it has partners. Find out why every engagement we’ve taken on becomes a long-term relationship.