Web Application Testing

A to Z: Web Application Testing Services

Web applications have changed dramatically in recent years, and are continuing to drastically grow in size and complexity. Thanks to shorter development cycles and more frequent changes in requirements, today’s web applications present the need for robust QA and testing.Web Application Testing will ensure quality by assessing user interface design, performance, usability, security, and functionality.

ImpactQA offers comprehensive and scalable QA services for web applications of varying scope and complexity. Our extensive expertise in web application testing ensures defects are curtailed to avoid expensive post-production bug-fixing and repeated patches.

At ImpactQA, our approach to web application testing employs a combination of automated tests using the latest tools. We conduct detailed analyses of your custom website applications to gain a thorough understanding of the risks involved in changing its codebase.

ImpactQA’s Web Application Testing team: Scalable Experience:
Web Applications

Websites, eCommerce carts, web-services layers, Content Management systems (CMSes) etc.

Web Applications

Innovative products, SaaS solutions, search engines, trading and brokerage software, payment processing solutions, etc.

Web Applications

Web portals, web 2.0 featured applications, social networking and data streaming solutions, auctions, marketplaces, etc.

ImpactQA’s suite of Enterprise Web Testing:
Functional Testing

Used for checking all the applications and links throughout your web pages. Comprised of manual, semi-automated and automated functional testing services, our approach ensures both front-end and back-end components work accordingly.

Interface Testing

Evaluates if the web server/application server interface and the application server/database server interface have proper interaction.

Performance Testing

Includes web load testing and web stress testing with benchmarking and application performance evaluation under various environment characterizations including: connection speeds, user loads, and user activities.

Usability Testing

Checks the navigation and user friendliness of the website and its applications. This process evaluates usability issues such as flow, efficiency, errors, success rate, content checking, and specific aspects of user “help” functions.

Compatibility Testing

Browser compatibility, OS compatibility, Mobile performance, and printing options. Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE, Firefox and other major browsers regression testing.

Security Testing

This process checks the security of the web applications. Our team will test for potential vulnerabilities including the top ten threats identified by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

ImpactQA’s approach to Web Application Testing relies upon industry leading best practices, maximizing your ROI.