Wear Your Creative Hat While Testing

Dictionary meaning of CREATIVE is ” involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something ” and Out of Box thinking means ” thinking that moves away in diverging directions so as to involve a variety of aspects ” . The idea of this blog is not to explain the literal meanings of these 2 words but to express the importance and significance of these in world of Software Testing.
Both words are associated with each other but while doing ” Testing” maximum QA professionals forget the implementation of these words in there regular tasks. Effective software testing requires Out of box thinking / Creativity , Methodical Hard work, Knack to find defects and Passion for TESTING. So here we talk about Creativity while testing.
If we test the software in the same way or same approach we will start getting less defects and in return gets less motivated to test the system. That is the reason we should always take one step back or two steps forward while testing so that we get unexpected defects and try new flows while testing. Any individual can  ave creative bent of mind only when a perfect blend of following characteristics is present which are

                  Curiosity , Imagination , Complexity , Originality and Abstractness

When individual uses all these characteristics and implies on testing the product with strong QA fundamentals the end result of the product will be with less of bugs, Usable and easy to understand

Manual Testing is much more wide and interesting instead of just Matching Actual Results to the Expected Results .It is about Pinpointing functionality gaps in the product and pointing out the implicit(Non- Functional ) gaps.
Suppose we take an example of any website – As standard QA professionals anyone will read the specs (FSD, BRD’s, Wireframes) created by Business Analyst or shared from Client’s end and start writing the high level scenarios and then detail Test cases in the end after the build is received test execution will be started. All the bugs which will be logged executing those est cases will be functional flaws missed for implementing by Development team or some minor goof ups made by HTML person .But, what about the scenarios which a normal user will face they will be left unknown and untested.
After that comes out a huge list of UAT QA bugs missed, and then a team comprising of Dev’s and QA sits for analysis and derives the conclusion that no or very less creative scenarios were zeroed down, written and then executed so this comes under Bad QA. Though the basic functionalities and flows in application may be working fine but By that time the damage is made to the product so while going through all the testing phases it becomes very important to think of Out of box ideas and also test from the user’s perspective.

Few Traditional methods for Creative Testing are as follows: