Test Automation Consulting

Automated Testing Strategies Designed for your Business

A solid test automation strategy involves a considerable amount of time and resources. Worse yet, we’ve met numerous clients who end a vendor engagement feeling dissatisfied with clear recommendations and next steps. Such an outcome is often due to the organization’s issue with choosing the right tools to use and test cases to automate.

To protect organizations from sunk resources, we consult with enterprises looking to make informed decisions about automated testing options. ImpactQA consultants suggest strategies most pertinent to your specific software objectives. Whether you’re looking to automate stress testing on your eCommerce platform before Black Friday, or need to performance test your new enterprise HR system before rollout, we utilize a combination of business acumen and technical know-how to create a suitable automation plan for you.

Why consult with ImpactQA on Test Automation?
    • We verify if the software/project stage is ready for automated tests.
    • We identify the right tool and strategy through Proof of Concept.
    • We immediately target unstable functionality and faulty user experience.
    • We ensure your automated tests are developed for large-scale results verification.
    • We always conduct independent risk assessments for each project.
ImpactQA consulting services include:
    • Automation Solution Establishment and Upgrades
    • Developing Automated Regression Test Suites
    • Detection and Selection of Appropriate Automation Tools
    • Examination of Tests Requiring Automation
    • Maintenance of Automated Test Suites
    • Frameworks Development
    • Test Training and Implementation
Test Automation ensures that your systems are constantly being vetted throughout the course of SDLC. Doing so ensures your teams are not committing repetitive tasks evaluating the system at both the functional and programmatic layer.