Top Reasons Why QA Testing is Crucial in Development Process

No single product made by an expert team is entirely free of bugs or needs no perfection and improvement from the very beginning. Particularly in something complicated as software development, where code can be written in several distinct ways, it is very essential to ensure that all team members are on a similar page all the time. That is the reason why the excellence of services can only be guaranteed by a steady and continuous process of defining standards, examining whether the software products meet them, and advising improvement.

QA (Quality assurance) is the process of verifying whether the specific product meets requisite specifications and clients expectations. It takes place concurrently with the application coding procedure. The significant part of the quality assurance process is, testing the applications. The simplest way that companies can execute Quality Assurance testing into their software development is through QA outsourcing. It allows companies to focus on their strengths, such as development, while QA testing task can be completed by remote teams. This can help aid productivity. Expert and proficient QA testers test every single aspect of a developed application, both manually and by applying effective tools, to make sure that the end product is well-polished.

Role of QA in the Software Development Process

QA is a planned set of activities that guarantees that the process and the software products conform to requirements, procedures, and standards. In QA, there are various dependencies – the methodologies, size of the software, complexity, scope, etc, and software testers usually go through the complete application systematically. Software testers check whether a potential end-user can effortlessly make use of all its functionalities and whether the product is user-friendly and intuitive. QA tester or engineers perform the massive role, including debugging, tuning, testing, and suggesting the detailed improvements, which guarantee the quality of the end product. They usually have the following objectives:

  • Maintaining the system quality as per the business requirements and specifications
  • Defect prevention and prevention technique
  • Risk identification
  • Defect and imperfection reduction
  • Boost confidence about software quality levels
  • Verify & validate software requirement
    Direct fault finding and removal without the implementation of the project scenario
  • Testing the project for bug removal
  • Defect tracking methods and process
  • Review User Interface for Consistency and Functionality
  • Concluding remarks and maintaining reports

What are the types of Software Testing?

Unfortunately, some bugs are so troublesome that they can break the whole product, causing enormous loss to the business. In such cases, QA engineers identify the bugs and resolve them with the assistance of the development team, so that, in the end, we launch the product to the market bug-free. There are a series of processes that can be undertaken to check the accuracy and functionality of a software or system, counting:

  • White Box testing
  • Black Box testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Integration testing
  • Usability testing
  • Load Testing
  • End-to-End testing
  • System testing
  • Regression testing

There are so many methods for testing software at several phases in the development process; which one we can use will depend on your application requirements. QA verifies that the system meets the needs with regards to performance, functionality, usability, security, reliability, and so on.

Why are QA Testers so Important?

When it comes to what makes QA tester so important, there are innumerable matters to discuss. It is all about making a positive condition for developing apps. Normally, businesses are willing to spend more for reliable, excellence, and safe products. For this reason, QA testing could add an enormous value to the deal. By being capable to ensure the customer that the whole thing possible is being completed to assure that the app is of great superiority and will encounter the defined necessities of the project, you can raise the confidence of the customer that the project will be done within time and budget.

What’s more, even the expert team of developers always encounters so many issues while working on an app. If you are focused on a specific project for some time, it gets more and more complicated to look at it from a diverse perspective. Apart from checking an app manually, QA testers are also the skilled programmers themselves, and their role is to use particular tools that will automatically test the application for some bugs which cannot be easily addressed by a human. In essence, Quality Assurance is an essential part of the software development process that brings great worth to every single product.

Final word

QA testers can offer a diverse perspective of the overall products through the development life cycle. Hence, companies should do layered QA (Quality Assurance) testing at diverse phases of development or design. Early testing helps control expensive mistakes and useless development for features that users would not care about. A good QA testing process is not just done to eliminate bugs in the end, but guarantee the accurate procedures are in place. Rather than detecting flaws, it prevents them throughout the development procedure.

If you would like to know more about how we can integrate QA Testing into your software development life-cycle, call us today. Let’s talk about your project today!!

How Big Data can be leveraged in all aspects of Testing?

Newest data technologies are entering the market; however, the old ones are also going strong. But it is also important to note here that the Big Data technologies adoption will never slow down, not in the near future. So, it is significant to note how we can overcome the challenges that come with this technology. Such technologies have gone beyond the realms of merely being a buzzword. It is now immensely adopted among corporate and companies, irrespective of size. As per the well-known research and advisory firm, “Big Data is high-velocity, high-volume, and/or high variety information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing that enable improved decision making, great insight, and process automation.” It truly forms the basis for machine learning & predictive analytics which is the best thing considering the very real occurrence of networks and enterprises being inundated with data from mobile apps, social, and IoT that produce a 24×7 constant flow of data.

Big Data has a variety of features. The three significant features of big data are:

  • Different types of data
  • Big volume of data
  • Speed and accuracy at which the data can be processed

What is Big Data Testing?

In simple language, Big Data refers to enormous quantities of data. There is no specific size parameter to define the size of this technology. It is safe and sound to assume that the standard method to measure it when comes in petabytes or terabytes. Data comes in from every direction, and the velocity and volume would be monstrous. Software developers will be able to build better software faster, using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies like deep learning & natural language processing.

Benefits of Using Big Data Testing in All Aspects of Testing
Through Big Data testing, you can make sure the data in hand is accurate, healthy, and qualitative. The data you had collected from the variety of channels and sources are validated, assisting in better decision making. There are a number of benefits to Big Data testing.

  • Data Accuracy — One of the popular research & advisory firm speaks that data volume is likely to expand by 800% in the next 4-5 years, and 80% of this data will be unstructured. Just imagine the volume of data that you have to analyze. You need to convert all this data into a structured arrangement before it can be mined. Armed with the right kind of data, companies can focus on their weak areas, and be prepared to hit the competition.
  • Better Profit and Reduced Loss — Loss in business will be minimal or even a thing of past, if data is appropriately analyzed. If the accumulated data is of lower quality, the company suffers terrible losses. Separate precious data from structured as well as semi-structured information so no faults are made when dealing with clients.
  • Good Decision Making — When data gets in the hands of the appropriate people, it becomes an asset. So when you have the appropriate kind of data in hand, it would help you make smart decisions. It allows you to analyze all the threats and make use of only the data that will put into the decision making process.
  • Right Strategy and improved Market Goals — You can chart a better decision making plan or automate the decision-making procedure with the assistance of big data. Collect all the validated data, examine it, understand user behavior and make sure all of them are realized in the software testing procedure, so you can deal out something they need. Big data testing assists you optimize business strategies by looking at this information.


Transforming data with intelligence is a great concern. As big data is very important to a company’s decision-making plan, it is not even possible to begin asserting the worth of arming yourself with reliable information. Big Data processing is a very promising field in today’s complicated business environment. Applying the accurate dose of test strategies, and following best practices would help ensure qualitative software testing. The idea is to recognize and recognize the defects in the primary stages of testing and fix them. This helps in cost reduction and better outcomes. Through this procedure, the troubles that testers faced during software testing are all solved now as the testing approach are all driven by data. Hence, Big Data is a powerful tool for the current business. In fact, some believe that companies that fail to derive value from machine learning & Big Data will face huge competitive shortcomings as the field continues to grow and adoption increases around the world.